Hungrytimez: What To Eat When You’re Downtown and You Don’t Know Anything!

Dear Diary, I have to go to downtown LA a lot for work a lot, usually to go to Michael Levine to buy bargain (yet high quality!) fabric for our makeovers on SFAS. One thing I’ve learned is that you should never go to a crazy ass giant fabric store when you are starving, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to choose nice colors when your stomach is eating itself. Michael Levine is downtown, and I don’t really know downtown very well. The weird thing about that part of Los Angeles is that one block feels like fancy uptown Manhattan and the next…

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Hommegirl: Anjelica Houston!

Dear Diary, Today, whilst shopping in Santa Monica, Emily and I discussed our first celebrity sightings. Emily couldn’t remember her first celeb sighting, but I totally remember mine. The first celebrity I ever saw in person was Anjelica Houston, and seeing her was the beginning of a one-sided love affair that is still going strong. My Aunt Julie and her partner, Jules, lived in Three Rivers, California across the street from Anjelica Houston’s country home. We used to visit there from time to time to enjoy the countryside, horses (which I rode a few times and was totally terrified), the…

All Hail Hail.

Dear California, It’s been rainy, windy, stormy, and haily for more than a week. Thus, I took some pictures of the hail balls that fell from the sky while I was up in Windsor, California visiting my brother and sister-in-law. I love succulents (and hail balls). Love, Orlando

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I Want It: Dave Eggers Folio

Dear Dave Eggers, I was in a delightful little bookstore in Healdsburg yesterday and I came across a wonderful folio of your drawings entitled Is It Right To Draw Their Fur. I kind of want to buy the collection of drawings, have them all framed, and hang them in my now-empty living room. It’s basically an instant art collection. The drawings are humorous but also rendered sensitively with beautiful tiny strokes. I love them. Cover art: Folio collection: I love these so much I want them RIGHT NOW! Love, Orlando

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SOS: Sights of Sonoma!

Dear My Mother Catherine Soria, Thank goodness you finally got to Sonoma County, where I fled to after I wandered around San Francisco for a few days. We’ve been coming to wine country since my older brother attended college here. Sadly, I never got to partake in the wine tasting fun because I was too young. I always love coming to this part of California. It’s so calm and green and full of overpriced, yet somehow totally comforting grocery stores stocked with fancypants organic products. Anyhoo, today we wandered around in a charming town called Healdsburg and here’s what we…

Worktimez: The Site Measure.

Dear Homme & Garden TV Viewers, Ever wonder how Emily magically comes up with the two styles on Secrets From A Stylist? Well, here’s a secret, she thinks about it for months before coming up with the styles she announces on air (i.e. “Mad Men Bohemian” or “Industrial Kitsch Loft”). While she does think of the style names on-air, she often has a good sense of the homeowners’ tastes in her head beforehand. Months before each episode tapes, we do site visits with couples to meet them and figure out exactly what kind of makeover they want. We also measure…

A Yosemite Vacation, Sans Yosemite

Dear Travel Journal, I woke up Sunday morning with a purpose. I packed my car and headed to Yosemite. There was a huge monsoon in Los Angeles and I basically hydroplaned all the way from Southern California to the Northlands. A drive that normally takes 5.5 hours took 7, and by the time I got to the park boundary I was in no mood to find that multiple rockslides and massive amounts of snow had closed all three roads into the park. A sidenote (which I’ll explain in a future post) is that my parents live within Yosemite National Park…

Take a Look: Rodarte

Dear Kate and Laura Mulleavy, I heard you on The Madeleine Brand Show this morning and learned that you currently have work on exhibit at MOCA’s Pacific Design Center annex. I had no idea that you were California designers and that you lived in Pasadena (one of my favorite places in the world for its uberglamourous┬ásuburbanity). Like all shows at the Pacific Design Center annex, yours is small. But the pieces on display (including many of the costumes you designed for Black Swan) are artfully crafted from feathers, leather, lace, and other gorgeous materials. It’s definitely worth a look, and…

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