Five Haute Things for the Homme: Dressers!

Dear Diary, So now that I’ve moved into my gross West Hollywood Hills apartment and I have no furniture, it’s time to get cracking on buying stuff. Luckily, I find myself shopping for the show almost every single day, so I have ample time to look around and research things I might like to add to my place. Right now, finding a dresser is my biggest priority. Firstly, because I have a ridiculous amount of clothing, and second because all my socks and underwear are in shopping bags in my bedroom. It’s totally impossible to get dressed every day. Thus,…

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Slimane Photographed Vidal. My Life Is Complete.

Dear Friends, Anyone who knows me well knows that two men captivate and thrill me to no end. These men are novelist Gore Vidal, who has written some of the most heartwrenching and sensible words of our time, and Hedi Slimane, fine art photographer and former Dior Homme head designer. Thus, you can imagine my shock and delight when I was browsing Hedi Slimane’s Diary and found that he had photographed Gore, my favorite writer ever. I love that he captured the author in his space, surrounding by all these wonderful and evocative objects. If you don’t know Vidal, start…

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Ravetimez: Arcade Fire Remix!

Dear Thunderlust, Thanks for this fun Arcade Fire remix. As you know, I’m a total fan of fun remixes and this one makes me want to buy a time machine, get into it, go to 1992, attend a rave, and dance and wiggle until dawn. Awesome! The track can be downloaded (for free!) here. You’re welcome. Love, Orlando

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O Captain!

Dear Professor Zevi Blum, I found out you died yesterday and it came as a total shock. You impacted my life in a wonderful way. I’m pretty sure you gave me one of the only Bs I ever got in college, but you were a mentor and a leader and an inspiration to all us kids. We were 18, just transplanted from all over the country and the world to one of the coldest collegiate environments in the world. And you were there to be hard on us, to care about us, and to change the way we thought about…

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Hollywoodtimez: ‘Secrets’ Premiere

Dear Diary, I went to a totally glamourous party last weekend. It was to celebrate the premiere of Secrets From A Stylist, my beloved employershow. It was held at an incredibly beautiful bar and lounge called Hemingway’s which I’d never been to before. To be honest, the thing that impressed me the most about the space was the huge number of books they used to decorate the place. We have been using books to prop shelves a lot on the show and [here’s a secret] they’re expensive. Anyway, it was a truly delightful night and I’d say it probably beat…

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