Homme Videos: Patrick Wolf!

Dear┬áPatrick Wolf, I’ve been following you since 2004, when I worked at the PR company that used to represent you. I just found out that you came out with a new single, “The City.” This it the music video for that new song: I love the new song, mainly because of your flexible voice but also because of the awesome 80z saxafone and the catchy beats. I was slightly disappointed, however, in your styling. I miss the Raggedy Andy orange hair from your “Magic Position” video, accompanied by all that delightful glitter pirate clothing. Check it out here: Anyway, even…

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Flea Marketing With Emily: Pasadena Rose Bowl!

Dear Reader, This past Sunday was the mother of all flea markets, Rose Bowl. It started out a little rocky because I went out the night before until 2 AM and then woke up at 5:45 to rush over to Pasadena only to find out it was rainy and gross. Sidenote: I love how devastating it is when it rains in LA. First of all, no one ever expects it to happen so we have no idea what to do. “What is this strange wet substance falling from the heavens?” we all asked each other, bewildered that something so inconvenient…

Homme Videos: LA Timelapse

Dear Andrew Walker, I forgot how obsessed I was with your LA/Yosemite/Rural California timelapse video. Mainly because it shows A) My hometown [Yosemite National Park] and B) The city I in which I live and love [Los Angeles]. The video is truly gorgeous. Love, Orlando

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