Whut Glamour: Amy Winehouse by Hedi Slimane

Dear Amy Winehouse, I’m always weirded out when I get sad that a celebrity has died. It’s not like I knew you or anything. I guess what I found so disturbing was the absolute waste of it all. Someone with such an incredible gift who threw it all away for reasons I don’t fully understand. You died and that sucks for everyone, but I just came across these beautiful images taken of you by Hedi Slimane: Just more evidence that you went too soon. RIP, Amy. Love, Orlando

Glamourtimez: Green Street Tavern

Dear Green Street Tavern, Emily and I have a tradition that we visit you after every Rose Bowl Flea Market. Or any other time we are shopping in Pasadena (which is surprisingly frequent – Pasadena is home to a ton of awesome vintage stores). We love this restaurant because it is quite and secluded (unless it’s Mother’s Day, in which case BEWARE). Recently I noticed how awesome your banquet room is. I love the beautiful curved walls covered in illuminated patterns. Someday, when I’m a respectable homeowner, I’ll do something glamorous and warm like this: Well done and totally gorgeous….

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Fake Joan Didion Quote of the Week: What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?

“…So I said to him ‘Would you like it if I interrupted YOU for an autograph whilst YOU were enjoying a Klondike bar on a hot disgusting afternoon?’ And then he left crying. It was a hoot!”  – Joan Didion* * There is no “evidence” that Joan Didion ever actually said this.       

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Images I Love: Gregor Wynnyczuk

Dear Gregor Wynnyczuk, Emily and I have been finding a lot of vintage landscape paintings at flea markets to use for the show. Every time I see them I think of the work you included in a Boffo exhibition I was in a few years ago. You give these old paintings voices. Funny ones. Your work is witty and thought-provoking. Thanks for making it! Love, Orlando

5 Haute Things for the Homme: Striped Duvet Covers

Dear Diary, This week, Emily and I are busy prepping for a bedroom makeover next week. It’s for the adorable April Bowlby, for those of you “Drop Dead Diva” fans out there. All this bedroom researching has me thinking about my own bedroom (I’m in desperate need of a new duvet cover). It’s hard t find bedding that is masculine enough for a dude’s apartment. Most of it is all flowery and obnoxious. Thus, I tend to fall back on stripes. Anyone who knows me knows I love stripes. While simple, stripes are so beautiful: Now, onto the the duvet covers I…

Haute Thing: Table Calendar

Dear CB2, I’m totally a sucker for adorable little calendars that I can put on my desk and then forget to update. Thus, I was totally excited when I found this piece the other day whilst shopping for this week’s episode of SFAS. I’m going to stick this on my desk and just pretend it’s my birthday every day, leaving the calendar stuck on July 5. Love, Orlando

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Summer by Slimane

Dear My Favorite Photographer Hedi Slimane, I’m digging your take on summer in Southern California. It kind of makes me want to be a 19-year-old strung-out skateboarder-surfer who drives a classic car and sleeps on the beach. One can dream… Love, Orlando PS: For more Hedi images, go here.

The Anatomy of a Gay Pool Party

Dear Straight People, I was walking down the street the other day, thinking about how commonplace Gay Pool Parties are on hot summer weekends in Los Angeles, when I realized that there were probably people in the world that had never attended a Gay Pool Party. Thus, I’ve decided to write a shocking exposé on the world of gay pool parties. All the deepest, darkest secrets (from a stylist) will be revealed. Here we  go: 1. The first thing to know about Gay Pool Parties is that they are all sponsored by a high end alcohol brand. I imagine this is…