The Gorgesous Works of Ben & Aja Blanc

Dear Design Diary, In the world of art, furniture, and objects that I often find myself exploring, it’s very rare to see something and go “GADZOOKS! Never seen one of them before!” But I exclaimed this very thing the first time I saw the beautiful work of Ben & Aja Blanc, who are known for their fancy-fringe mirrors but also create furniture and other home objects. Their work is whimsical and unique without being kooky and annoying, which is a difficult balance to strike. The couple, who met as grad students at RISD, have a clear talent for creating practical…

What I Left Behind

Home life and “nesting” have always been hugely important to me. From a young age, I  always decorated my space. Starting with my bedroom at age seven, which I painted myself and chose the window coverings and bedspreads (both had a Mickey Mouse pattern, my mother sewed the curtains herself). My childhood bedroom underwent more makeovers in my high school years than I did, and my college dorm, in an old brick “castle” in Upstate New York, was likely the most sophisticated, grown-up space on campus. Making my space beautiful has always been one of my closest-held hobbies, so it…

Hommemade with Homepolish!

Photography by Zeke Ruelas Dear Hollywood Diary, I love my job at Homepolish but every once in a while I get the opportunity to do an exceptionally fun project. Our recent collaboration with method home is one such example. Here’s how this went down: I had been wanting to do a Homepolish web series forever, so I came up with the concept of crafting with friends. Each week, I’d invite a friend over to Orcondo (RIP) and we’d make something together. This combines my two favorite things: making stuff and making friends. I had a great idea for a web…

An Epic & Easy Party Appetizer

Photography by Jess Diab and Orlando Soria Dear Party Diary, I had the honor of being invited to a party hosted by Anna Camp, Skylar Astin (of “Pitch Perfect” fame), and American Express last week. It was in a fancy mid-century home in Beverly Hills. The party was filled with tips and tricks from Anna and Skylar about how to host a fun holiday. There were crafts, there were drinks, but most importantly, there were celebrities wandering around giving tips on how to have the most epic holiday season ever. This is the view from the pool: Ugly, right? There…

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Achieving Perfect Holiday Shelf Styling

Shelf styling is something clients ask me about all the time. Mainly because it can be intimidating and confusing to people who don’t spend their lives doing it professionally. But the thing is, quality styling is much more a result of experimenting and exploring options than knowing exactly what you’re doing. Whenever I put together shelves, I basically just keep playing around, moving objects and experimenting with new compositions, until I am happy and satisfied with the look of the shelfie. (Of course, if you’re still intimidated, you can always hire a Homepolish designer to play around FOR you. WINK!). Shelves tend to…

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Seven Tips for Simplifying Holiday Decorating

Photography by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish I’m the type of person that enjoys decorating for the holidays, but not all people are like me. Every time I invite a friend over to decorate with me, they get bored within minutes and start playing with their phones while I maniacally keep crafting, adorning, and festooning the house from top to bottom. Clearly, there are some people who would prefer to get their decorating done as quickly as possible. So today I’m going to share some tricks for how to simplify the holiday decorating process while still making your house as cozy…

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Five Fundamentals of Christmas Tree Design

There’s a first time for everything. And the first time you decorate a Christmas tree on your own is definitely a learning experience. The thing that surprises most people is the number of ornaments you need to make the tree look full and balanced. (Hint: whatever you think you’ll need, triple it.) But there are a lot of other lessons to learn about tree trimming. Today, I’ll be sharing my tips for creating a festive tree that looks balanced, considered, personal, and (most importantly of all) beautiful. This year, I opted for a giant, white tree from Wayfair. And don’t judge me for…

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Small Shop Highlight: Amber Interiors Shoppe

Photography by Jess Diab and Amber Interiors Dear Design Diary, If you’re a designer or a design enthusiast with an Instagram account, a computer, a phone, eyeballs, and any combination of the aforementioned, it’s literally impossible to avoid the beautiful, beachy work of Amber Lewis, founder of the Amber Interiors blog, principle of her own design firm, and businesswoman extraordinaire. When I found out she had a shop, I knew immediately it would be one of those painful stores where you go in and just want everything. And so when I sent Hommemaker Editor Jess Diab on assignment to check…

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Creating a Festive Holiday Tablescape

Winter is the perfect season to invite friends over for conversation and coziness (to combat the chilly weather and moody skies). As you may know by now, I’m a big fan of holiday decorating, hosting, and fun times with friends, so go figure this is my favorite time of year. Today, we’re talking about how to create a festive tablescape to spice up your holiday home, for both everyday use and for dinner parties. One of the most frequent questions I get from clients about dining tables is how to style them for daily use. It’s not like you’re going…

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Design Inspiration: A Tour of Villa Kérylos

Dear Travel Diary, My trip to Europe in August was one of the most gorgeous journeys I’ve taken in all my life, where every place we went was more incredible than the last. Of all the places we visited, Villa Kérylos was the most fruitful for interior design inspiration. The home, built in 1902 by French gajillionaire Theodore Reinach. Not sure how he got all that cash, but maybe it had something to do with how many jobs he had. He was an Archaeologist-mathematician-lawyer-papyrologist-philologist-epigrapher-historian-numismatist-musicologist-professor-politician. GOT THAT? His masterpiece home, designed by architect Emmanuel Pontremoli, is located in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, which is about fifteen minutes away from Nice,…

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