Designing With Homepolish

Photography by Bethany Nauert, Tessa Neustadt, and Zeke Ruelas, Courtesy Homepolish Dear Aspiring Designers, People are constantly asking me what my relationship to Homepolish is. “Did you start that company?” “Do you work there full-time?” “Do you take on non-Homepolish clients?” (The answers are “No, I wish!” ” yes,” and “no.”). Most people in my life, including my closest friends, have no idea what I do. They see me playing with throw blankets and fluffing pillows online and assume that’s what I’m up to every day. Since my relationship to Homepolish is shrouded in mystery, I thought I’d write a bit…

Orcondo Update: What These Modern Windows

Photography by Tessa Neustadt and Erika Berg Dear Orcondoners, Edouard and I have reached a very exciting moment in our condo remodel: window treatments. But it’s not always easy to figure out what type of window coverings to use in such a modern space. Curious to find out how we’re going to maintain privacy without losing our dignity? Check out Emily Henderson’s blog today to find out what what type of window treatments we chose for each room, and who this beautiful woman is: FULL STORY HERE >>> Love, Orlando

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One Bathroom Four Ways

 Photography by Tessa Neustadt courtesy Homepolish Dear Shame Diary, I have to tell you a terrible secret about myself that I’ve never told anyone, not even myself until now. I hate showering. I hate it a lot. It involves so much wetness, and that part where you get out and you’re all cold and clammy and your mom is all ARE YOU DONE YET IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL. And you’re like MOM LEAVE ME ALONE NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. And then you wake up from that nightmare where you’re still in high school (Sidenote: I have a game I play…

What Would You Frame?

  Dear Person With Naked Art, My mother went to Japan six months ago and brought me back a glamorous Japanese screen. It’s a beautiful, mysterious scene painted delicately on paper. When I got it it was mounted on this silk scroll, which is a traditional way of displaying this type of painting. It looked like this: Turns out I’m not a big scroll guy. I don’t know why, I’m just more a fan of art that’s in a simple frame. Especially as I’m getting ready to move into Orcondo, which is very minimal and very modern. I’ve always been…

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Orcondo Update!

Dear Renovation Diary, Curious what’s happening at Orcondo? ME TOO! Well, quench your lil thirst with a visit to Emily Henderson’s site today, where you’ll find my latest guest post about the condo I’m renovating with my boyfriend. You can see dramatic construction shots like these: And these: And these:   To see the full story, head on over to Emily Henderson’s blog and get ready for your eyeballs to explode. Love, Orlando FULL STORY THIS WAY >>>>>

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DesignMilk Gets A Homepolish Makeover

Photograph by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish Dear Lil Kitties Thirsty for DesignMilk, Did you know I did a totally exciting bedroom makeover for Jaime Derringer? The founder of DesignMilk? And that it’s featured today on Emily Henderson? And Homepolish? And the full list of resources are on DesignMilk? Well now you do! Hurry your lil body and read all them posts! Love, Orlando FULL STORY: EMILY HENDERSON, HOMEPOLISH, DESIGNMILK

Behind-The-Scenes at Park Studio

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish, With Additional Photography by Zeke Ruelas and Orlando Soria Dear Readers, Do you remember that one time I used the above lighting fixture at on my Beach House project? Also remember that one time I used a similar one in my dining room? And remember when my dining room looked like that? … ME NEITHER! But I have had a thing for these modern, industrial fixtures for a while now. But they can be hard to find, especially at a non-crazy price. But that’s where these adorable human beings come in: This is Jolene and Ben…

Homejoy’s More Spring Challenge: What Can You Do in Three Hours?

Photographs by Daniel Collopy, Book Photography by Paula Forbes courtesy Eater Dear My Dirty Apartment, I’m always on the lookout for startups/companies that are working in the same sphere as Homepolish, working to make life more enjoyable and making services accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to find them. So I was excited when Homejoy, a company that connects clients with excellent cleaning professionals, challenged me to participate in their More Spring campaign. Basically, the concept behind this campaign is what you can do with the extra few hours you gain from having someone clean your house….

You Guys! ORCONDO!

Dear World, The time has come! It’s time to say goodbye to my little mid-century West Hollywood apartment and life as I know it. I’m moving in with my boyfriend in Silver Lake. BUT FIRST: MEGA RENOVATION. He lives in an 80s building and his apartment is just begging for a makeover. I’m introducing the project today over on my lady Emily Henderson’s site. Right now, Orcondo looks like this: I know right. Eek. But don’t be afraid. Here’s my inspo for the update: Curious? Head on over to Emily’s Site to see the rest. TRUST ME YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Thanky,…

Am I Plotting My Own Demise?

In California, it always feels like a disaster is right around the corner. I know this from growing up in Yosemite, where I constantly wondered if a rockslide was going to cause granite slabs to fall on top of the house and smash us all. I know this from living in Los Angeles, where at any moment there could be an earthquake that causes the ceiling to fall. It is my belief that what makes California so beautiful is the subconscious understanding that it could fall apart at any moment. In a wildfire, in an earthquake, in a tsunami, in a tragic…