Typoglamour: The Yosemite School

30 January 2011

Dear The Yosemite School,

I went to you for 9 years, but I never noticed how totally glamourous your signage is. I believe this sign was installed in the 1950s when the school turned from a log cabin into a bigger, more modern building. I had many funtimes at The Yosemite School. Probably because of the sophisticated typeface on the school’s sign.

Orlando Dumond Soria, 8th Grade Diploma – 1996

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  1. AmyC83 says:

    Did your parents work at Yosemite? My dad did for a while so I spent many a childhood summer vacation up there. So beautiful!

    1. Orblogdo says:

      Yeah I did! That’s so crazy! When were you there? I bet we lived close to eachother!?!

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