Slimane Photographed Vidal. My Life Is Complete.

16 March 2011

Dear Friends,

Anyone who knows me well knows that two men captivate and thrill me to no end. These men are novelist Gore Vidal, who has written some of the most heartwrenching and sensible words of our time, and Hedi Slimane, fine art photographer and former Dior Homme head designer. Thus, you can imagine my shock and delight when I was browsing Hedi Slimane’s Diary and found that he had photographed Gore, my favorite writer ever. I love that he captured the author in his space, surrounding by all these wonderful and evocative objects. If you don’t know Vidal, start with his memoirs (Palimpsest and Point to Point Navigation) and then move onto The City and the Pillar, which is a devastatingly beautiful, painful novel. Here are a few of the images by Slimane:

I love how textured and quiet these images are. I also love how thoughtful Slimane was in choosing which objects to photograph. For example, the image below of a young Paul Newman, Vidal’s life-long friend and, in my opinion, the most beautiful man in the history of time.

To view the rest of the gorgeous photos, as well as more of Slimane’s visual diary, go to Hedi Slimane Diary.

You’re welcome.