6 May 2011

Dear Diary,

Being that I grew up in a national park and went to high school in a horsetown, I’ve seen a whole lot of bolo ties in my life. I know most people think they’re kind of gross, but I’ve always loved them. I got my first bolo tie at the Yosemite Village Store (a gift shop for tourists) when I was 7 and I’ve been into them ever since. I’ve been finding cute bolos at flea markets and thrift stores while shopping with Emily, so it’s come to my attention that I need to start wearing them again. Below are a few that I like (and one that I hate). I apologize that I don’t have sources for these, but just use them as inspiration to go out in the world and find the bolo that’s right for you!

I think the National Park Service arrowhead logo is so classic and lovely, so putting it on a bolo tie is totally glamourous.

I want to be friends with this chick so she can be mean to me and tell me I’m not cool enough to hang out with her.

This bolo is too clever and cute to resist. I never met a bow I didn’t like.

These are revolting and I hate them, but I thought they were an important part of the bolo discourse.

Not sure I love this one but included it because the picture looked kinda like Emily.

This bolo is pretty basic but it’s styled with a few necklaces which makes the look much more nuanced and sophisticated.

Left: Hot chick. Right: “Hi, this is my bolo tie. It’s an acorn.” AWESOME.

While the necktie-tee is kinda played out, the bolo-tee is totally fresh.

I’m into how casual and outdoorsy this one is. I’d like to wear it with some moccasins and a flower behind my ear.

This girl is totally cool. Partially because of her tasteful gold bolo but mostly because she exists in a cartoon David Lachappelle world.

So simple. Cute.

You’re scary. Will you be my friend?

I want to fall asleep and wake up magically transformed into this boy, complete with all the awesome clothing and neon bolos. So rad.

I love anything bright and graphic. These win best bolo prize!

And finally, a non-bolo. I thought this Lego tie was way too cool to keep to myself so here it is. I think this kid is like 12-year-old and I resent that he’s 300 times more awesome than I could ever be.

I hope I’ve convinced you to join my cult of bolo enthusiasts.


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  1. itcomestolife says:

    Who makes the colorful, square bolo ties??? I love them!

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