Flea Marketing With Emily: Pasadena Rose Bowl!

11 May 2011

Dear Reader,

This past Sunday was the mother of all flea markets, Rose Bowl. It started out a little rocky because I went out the night before until 2 AM and then woke up at 5:45 to rush over to Pasadena only to find out it was rainy and gross. Sidenote: I love how devastating it is when it rains in LA. First of all, no one ever expects it to happen so we have no idea what to do. “What is this strange wet substance falling from the heavens?” we all asked each other, bewildered that something so inconvenient could ever happen in Southern California. No one had umbrellas and everyone was just walking around in the rain, miserable, pretending that if we acted like it wasn’t raining we could just make it stop. Which we did. The end of the day was glorious and rain-free and the stuff we found totally made up for the fact that we had were wet and sad in the early morning. Anyway, enough with the chit-chat, let’s get to business.

Emily spotted this pretty chair. We’re both drawn to anything blue so this was a definite yes from the get go. $375.

It seems impossible to resist globes, no matter how ubiquitous they’ve become. It’s especially exciting to find a specimen like this, which is classic and yet not your run-of-the-mill boring school globe. $50.

Emily found this little guy, which we’re going to use as a side table (with the rolling cover open). Totally cute and interesting. $65.

This lamp looks a little naked, but once we buy him a pretty shade, he’s gonna look super gorgeous. $45.

Find me a person who doesn’t love Honest Abe and I will challenge that person to a duel. Just the very thought of him and his steadfast dedication to honesty brings warmth to my heart. $20.

This pic is a double-whammy because we bought not only the cool folding table, but also the totally glamourous typewriter (which we are only allowed to handle with white gloves). Typewriter $85. Table $75.

Vintage telephones make such nice sculptures. And they kind make me wish I still had a land line. Can you imagine some turn-of-the-century man with a top hat and handlebar mustache saying “Can you hear me now?” $20.

“E” street sign. Emily insists on hiding E’s in every episode. I’m still trying to figure out why. Guess I’ll never know… $10.

Sexy filing box. We bought 3. $10 each.

This was one of my favorite things we bought. It was a “Class of 1912” print with all these graduates. But the graduates are all 75 years old so they either took a super long time to graduate from college or they were graduating from something else. Mysterious. Note our pretty friend/SFAS teammate, Rebecca. $25.

And me posing with it just for fun.

This photo timer gave us all nostalgia for the days we spent developing film in the darkroom. And then we felt old. $30.

Hey Little Lamp, what’s your name? Wanna come home with me? OK. $120.

A staircase lamp, gets me every time. If I had a lamp like this growing up I would have forced my hamster to walk up it over and over and over. Thank goodness my parents didn’t have one. $125.

When we asked why this fan was $100 the seller said “Because it’s green.” So we bought it. Because we needed it (seriously). $100.

I know, I know, these look totally gross. But imagine them with more luxe upholstery in a super quirky-chic room. They’re going to look great. I promise. Or your money back! $15 each.

Emily pointed out this piece because it’s functions like a cloche (meaning you can display things in it) but it’s a little different (it’s important to mix things up). $75.

So, there you have it. Another totally fun shopping adventure with Emily. Delightful.


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  1. Anna says:

    awesome finds. i had four pet mice growing up (weird?) and they definitely would have been parading behind your little hamster on that lamp.

  2. Krishann says:

    I agree – awesome finds! Love the typewriter! Did it come with the gloves?! joking…sort of.
    Glad you will be posting your guys’ finds!
    Btw your blog is great! I particularly enjoyed the post about Mr. Pennington:)

  3. Alison says:

    About that folding table with the typewriter… What exactly is it for? Is it a typewriter table? I have one that came with my husband when we got married. I love it. I’ve always wondered what it was for but haven’t seen another one until now.

  4. Catherine Soria says:

    I think there are only good things when you two guys go or can it be that your eyes are that much better?

  5. i didn’t realize you were doing the “flea market monday” posts until emily said it today at long beach! (side note: nice meeting you!) happy to hop over and find your blog!

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