Fleamarketing With Emily: Long Beach!

17 May 2011

Dear Diary,

Emily and I headed out to Long Beach on Sunday to revel in all the flea covered glory of the Long Beach Antique and Collectible Market (AKA the flea). Usually Long Beach is good but this week was especially amazing. Unlike Rose Bowl, where prices are generally higher, Long Beach was full of deals. For the second week in a row it was raining, but to be honest I love that kind of weather because it keeps it from getting to hot while we’re running around buying EVERYTHING (which we did). Here’s what we found:

This fun horse sculpture. Which will make a great conversation piece (and scare the children) when we find it a home. $75.

Emily pretty much screamed “MINE!” when she saw these tins. $10.

We were into this leather chair and ottoman. Until we realized it was totally ugly except for the aged leather. $400.

I bought this great 1960s architectural drawing to go in my dining area. It’s a painting of an old strip mall. A FunFact about me is that I love old strip malls (like the ones in ‘Edward Scissorhands’). $75.

“Hey Emily: See that drawing? That’s your boyfriend.” $10.

We’ve seen these wire sculptures at fancypants stores for $80, but we got ours for $20. They look great sitting next to a stack of books or on a bar. One thing I’ve learned working on the show is how hard it is to find accessories that read as masculine, so whenever we find them we snatch them up.

If I had to use one image to define my outlook on the world, it might be this one. It’s pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life (note the neon tube light on the lower portion). $1200.

We keep running into super cute dogs everywhere we go. And then we get all mad that we don’t have dogs. And then we realize that if we had dogs we’d be neglectful dogparents because we work too much to take care of anything. And then we hate ourselves for existing. And then we hug because we feel alone.

This headboard looks a little gross in this color, but we are going to customize it for a special client, changing the shape and using a superluxe fabric to make it the best headboard ever. Exciting. $60.

We didn’t buy any of this, but I couldn’t help but notice the totally OCD way the seller displayed everything. I love old Pyrex, especially when it’s displayed by someone as obsessive as I am.

This will make a nice vessel to stick some branches in. I’d put it on an outdoor dining table for a garden party (sidenote: I regret that I’m not at a garden party RIGHT NOW. Hurry, Summer, HURRY!). $40.

This dodo bird carving was stupid cheap. $30. We were all scared to ask because it looked like it would be $300.

Whenever Emily spots a horse sculpture, her eyes glaze over and she immediately walks over to it and buys it. The lady loves horse art, but who doesn’t? $60.

I am kinda sad we didn’t buy this guy. Such a pretty piece. $250.

Some fat little quails to add to our menagerie of birds. $30.

While Emily is an actual crazy cat lady, I just have a thing for insane cat paintings. Part of me wants to start a collection of them. Another part of me would prefer to not be single forever. Decisions, decisions! $100.

A pretty metal box. When you have to fill up shelves, coffee tables, and side tables every week, you can never have enough boxes. $20.

We totally scored on paintings. So many pretty, cracking landscapes and seascapes. $50.

Emily and our new friend Tiki. Who knew we’d ever be friends with someone like that? Tiki you so crazy! $40.

Rebecca, the art department treasurer, scored these rad chairs for her office. I was seething with envy. She’s going to reupholster them in something fancy. I think they’re cute as a button. $300.

Another pretty painting. It’s so romantic and enthralling in real life. Makes me want to run away to the mountains, make naturepaintings, and scowl at any human that comes near me, enjoying only the company of plants and animals. $125.

Emily never met a brass animal head she didn’t like. $20.

Ratty nature painting. Loveworn. $20.

Oh hi, fancyman in a tophat! Let’s be friends! $30.

Brass magnifying object thing. $20. Why not?

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  1. Lisa Howell says:

    I love, love your blog!! We live in Memphis and love to come to L.A.! We love the Rose Bowl Flea Market and your helping me get my fix!! Keep it coming!

  2. baaaaaah! you did find such good stuff! i came up and said hi to you and emily this week and was totally striking out myself. so when she said you guys were finding amazingness, i figured i could live vicariously through your recap! 🙂

    i didn’t see a lot of this – you must have gotten to it first! – but i did almost buy the wire sculpture. so cool, but i had nowhere for it in my home! glad it went to you guys, if not me.

  3. So jealous of all the great flea markets out in the LA area! I love all your flea market photos — keep them coming. And I’ll be watching next season to see how many of your flea market finds I can spot each episode. My favorite finds from this post are the brass magnifying glass thingy and the masculine brass sculpture thingy. Me likey.

  4. These are indeed wonderful finds! We are of course most attracted to the unfortunate leather chair and ottoman that you saw. Leather is very durable and can indeed last a lifetime but it seems like the previous owner wasn’t able to care for it properly. Being a leather repair Austin service provider, with regular maintenance, damage can be minimized.

  5. I have an Old Oak Rocking Chair, how do I find out about the history
    of it…?
    It is such a beautiful chair, and I don’t know any info about it..my cousin found it on a curb, near his house..the seat has a strings like a bed does..on the Antique show, there was a chair, looked like one that you sit while your tanning near a pool..it was wood, and had metal strings, had no material, but it was worth about $6,000. Want to sell it..so Please give me an idea where I can look it up..Thanks…

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