Whut Glamour: Salon Walls

16 August 2011

Dear Diary,

The other day I was perusing Apartment Therapy when I came across something so delightful that it filled me with desire, jealousy, and bitterness. It was this photograph of a home in Hollywood:

The home is owned by these three hunks:

Seeing their awesome salon style living room made me want an entire salon style house. For those of you not familiar with salon style galleries, this is where artwork is hung all the way to the ceiling, in order to fit the most art possible into a space. Graduates of art school are familiar with this style because many of our undergraduate shows are exhibited like this. I’ve always kind of hated salon style hanging because it takes a little bit of importance away from each piece by crowding it. But who wouldn’t want to live in a house that was so chock full of art that there was always something new to see? Here are some other glamourous examples of salon style walls:

I suppose one technique to creating a successful salon wall is to choose a theme for your collection. Like here where it’s mainly portraits of gentlemen. Completely random collections can work, too.

I’m pretty sure this is an actual museum, but that’s cool with me because I’ve always wanted to live in a pristine white museum surrounded by beautiful and/or weird art.

I’m such a sucker for bright white room. Especially when it allows the art to provide the pattern and color.

Everyone needs a grand staircase with a picture wall behind it.

In conclusion, I want to hang art on my walls until the buckle under the pressure and fall down. I want to suffocate in my art collection. Now I guess I have some art shopping to do…


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