Fashiontimez: Olasul

20 August 2011

Dear Olasul,

I was browsing your site recently, and I couldn’t help but be blown away by your beautiful lookbook. The bright colors, the tropical landscapes, the skinny surfer dudes. Such glamour. If I could live in any world, it would be this one, where the weather is always inviting, the water is always warm, everyone knows how to skateboard/surf, and there are always tons of amazing swimwear options. YAY!

I want this sweatshirt.

What gorgeous color! And yes, I’m talking about his tan (jealz).

I like this guy’s bangs. Isn’t it weird how he looks super cool on the left and like a huge dork on the right? Let this be proof that even in a post-Bieber world, swoop bangs are still relevant and they make you look cool (I miss mine!).

I die for this bubblegum pink.

It annoys me that A) I don’t know how to skateboard and B) I don’t own this neon ensemble.

This shot is totally cheesy but doesn’t it make you want to have an eating disorder whilst standing in a gorgeous monochromatic seascape?

I don’t know what exactly he’s gathering water for, but I love the golden ochre color of that stream.

In conclusion, Olasul, I kind of hate you for making all this fun clothing because now I want it all. I guess it’s probably a good thing it’s so expensive.


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  1. Are there clothes being sold? I couldn’t get past the gorgeous men. By the way, had to leave you a couple comments about SFAS. First, I’m enjoying seeing more of you this season. By including interaction between you and Emily, there’s more playfulness to the show. Also, my favorite part about last week’s episode was when you sang, “This chair wants to party all the time, party all the time.” Good stuff.

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