Haute Hairstyles for Hommes: Pompadours

23 August 2011

Dear Diary,

Anyone who has seen the Secrets From A Stylist opening credits knows I like to change my hair all the time (I have three different hairstyles in the 15 second intro). Lately, I’ve really been wanting to get a flat top. But every picture I’ve seen online is totally gross, so I’m going to wait until I find the perfect inspiration picture to show my barber. I go to Shane at Baxter Finley in Los Angeles and Elisa at Grasshopper Salon when I’m in San Francisco (sidenote: she’s my sister, and she’s awesome). I think I may give up on the flat top for a while and go with a pompadour, given how delightful all the following haircuts are:

This model dude was in “A Single Man” and has the best hair ever. Hence, he shows up three times here.

Why so disgruntled, James Franco? Your hair looks lovely.

And of course James. King of the pompadour.

Ok, to be honest I’m including this guy because of his tattoo. I wish I could get a tattoo without having to commit to anything. Life is hard. And so is his hairdo.

And last but not least are two lady pompadours. I think Janelle Monae is one of the most beautiful, elegant women around. And I love her quirky style.

And La Roux of course, or Elly Jackson as she’s actually named…

There’s nothing like some hair inspiration to get you going on a summer afternoon! Go forth!


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  1. paperpony says:

    Dear Orlando,
    I love your blog. Please keep posting – it makes me happy.

  2. Sasha says:

    LOVE THIS POST! Was looking for awesome men’s hairstyles *exactly* like these! SO glad I clicked on your post! These pompadour hairstyles are frankly super sexy. Hope you get it. More dudes should have this hairstyle.

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