I’m A Giant: Update!

25 October 2011

Dear Dollhousers,

Something totally awesome happened this week. Emily and I were just hanging out, going about our business of designing houses for dolls and houses for people, when we got a package from Janet Blair (reader, designer, dollhouser) in North Carolina filled with awesome dollhouse furniture.

In the box was this awesome rug. I think I am going to dye it somehow or color it in. I think it’s pretty as it but I like the idea of making it more colorful.

This little dresser (for the kids’ room) is adorable. I think I am going to lacquer it a fun color. Perhaps red.

I added a stair-ladder to connect the second and third floors. It’s a bit casual but I thought it would make a pretty graphic against the back wall. I hope the doll family that moves in doesn’t mind how steep it is. I’m also experimenting with texturing the walls a bit. I don’t want them to look gross 80z style but I do want them to look like they are made of plaster, not paper.

These are the front doors. I added the hardware yesterday. But I think I’m going to stain them darker or paint them a color. The hardware is from the fabric store. They are for belts or something.

These awesome chairs came from Janet too. I am going to use them as king chairs and then make something cute (out of wire perhaps) for the rest of my dining seating. I made this super long dining table which I am going to stain dark grey. Super simple. It has a pretty grain on the top but I forgot to take a picture. Sorrlz.

Here is some of the baseboards I added .

Then I painted them all white. I think my whole house is going to be white because I’m planning a kick ass art collection. I might paint some of the rooms a color, but I haven’t made up my mind yet…

Ok, so onto the most exciting thing to happen since the last most exciting thing to happen. This week I made my bearskin rug. Now, just a little sidenote that I don’t know if I actually approve of real bear rugs, but I just had to have one for my barn. So don’t go out killing a bear to put him in your house.

I made the head out of Fimo. That’s the clay that you bake in the oven. Mine got all sorts of bear hair in it but I sort of didn’t care because I knew I was going to paint it.

After I baked the head I painted it and covered it in fuzz. It’s going to go next to the fireplace upstairs.

So that’s where I am in dollhouse land. I feel like I still have a TON of work to do. And honestly I am kind of sick of building the house and want to get on to decorating it. But all in due time…


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  1. *annina* says:

    Ha! This bear rug is hilarious!

  2. ModFruGal says:

    That bearskin rug is killer…can’t wait to see the art collection….

  3. donald says:

    cb2 has some cute wire chairs (Xmas ornaments) so they might be sized right

  4. brempel14 says:

    are. you. kidding. me?? you MADE a bear head for your dollhouse. crazy impressive! i’m pretty sure your house is going to be my favorite.

  5. janet says:

    Wow! It’s going to be crazy-awesome and I can’t wait to see it!!! I know you’ll do something amazing w/the furniture. That bear rug is beyond.

  6. kaptaink says:

    OMG, bear rug is the best thing ever… and it totally made my day.

  7. jeannette says:

    the bearskin rug made my day too. what kind of fuzz did you use?

  8. Love the idea of the wire chairs- it makes me think of DWR’s Champagne Chair contest. Google for inspiration!

  9. Catherine Soria says:

    Wow, that is some realistic bear who also seems out for bear!

  10. tess says:

    what a nice package to get,
    your bear is amazing, love the obsessive level of detail with which you are enriching your little house

  11. Maggie O. says:

    A falling down farm house with a bear inside! This can’t get any better. And yet I think it will.

  12. Awe shucks! I like your bear rug more than I like the one that I made! But I seriously don’t think that I could have sculpted a bear head. i love it! Great job!

    Here is my version:

  13. Ryan says:

    I was only going to comment on the rug until I saw that bear skin rug at the end. I don’ t even have a doll house, but I want a tiny bearskin rug with a “real” head and teeth too!

    Back to the rug, I think dying it (or using fabric dye markers) would be perfect. Especially if you’re going to paint all the walls white. Hot pink or turquoise I’m thinking–like these.

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  15. So much fun to see your beginnings here!

    Googly eyes…an ironing board cushion…pocket lining pillows…I think you’d never guess that our GLAM house was made with such things…


  16. I can’t believe you built your own bearskin rug. Awesome.

  17. Darcy says:

    did you ever show the final finished dollhouse? i was so excited by yours, especially after this post. i want to see more!

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