Fun With Bedside Tables, Succulents, and a Piggy!

16 November 2011

Dear Bedside Tables,

You know, it’s funny, because I don’t find myself  thinking about you that often, but I just noticed you’re one of the most accessorized parts of my apartment. Yesterday, I got a ceramic piggy speaker from West Elm and it kind of added the perfect spice (and function) to my bedside table. One of my favorite things about my apartment is that there are tons of palm trees outside, so I like to sleep on the side of the bed next to the window so the palms are the first thing I see when I wake up. I also have a thing for succulents, so I have a ton of them all over my apartment (sidenote: it’s good for you to have plants inside, cleans the air and provides oxygen).

Here is the adorable pig speaker I just got. I’m kind of obsessed with it because I like to listen to NPR in the morning on the KPCC iPhone app while I get ready for a day of glamour and fun (read: driving all over town looking for rugs and picking up drapery for clients whilst sweating and biting my nails).

The piggy is ceramic and has a speaker on his belly.

Here’s a better shot of the cute pig, from the West Elm website.

I know you’re jealous of my Magic Mountain tray.

Just a note to any man out there who ever considers buying a pink Voluspa candle. I don’t recommend it. I bought this one (“Saijo Persimmon” in the pink metal tin) and it makes me feel like a ladyface on a daily basis. But it does smell good. Conundrums.

The ceramic lamp is from Crate & Barrel.

I use this antique chest as a bedside table. I thought it was Japanese but it has “Glass” written on the side so I think it’s American. I really have no idea what its original purpose was.

This is the other side of the bed, where my boyfriend sleeps. Oh wait, I don’t have one. The green chest is from the flea market ($100) and is super pretty because it’s covered in toxic mold. Not really. That I know of.

These are some of my art books that no one is allowed to look at because I don’t want them to mess up my perfect stacks. Probably why I’m single.

This is one of the best gifts I ever received. My parents bought it for me when I graduated from graduate school. It’s a clock designed by my favorite artist of all time, Yoshitomo Nara. You can get your own at Cerealart.

The white lamp is Ikea, but I don’t think they make it anymore. Also on the table is, GASP, a pink candle. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?

Next to my nonexistent boyfriend’s bedside table, I put a stool with a pillow on it. I’d be outraged if anyone sat on it though, because I don’t want it to EVER get dirty. I am a terrible person.

So, bedside tables, in conclusion, you are great. You provide me with endless entertainment and opportunities to rearrange. As well as great places to store all the stuff I hoard.

Still Single,

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  1. norulesnoshame says:

    I love you.

  2. Omg I love that PIGGGIEEEEE!

  3. Moderation!?!?!? FREE SPEECH

  4. Carly says:

    I want to see every room of your homme.

  5. merrypad says:

    Love everything, esp. the reclaimed tables themselves. Cozy!

  6. Helenes says:

    KPCC FOR LIFE. You’re awesome!

  7. KRISTINA says:


  8. I am convinced that a certain Westelm piggy will complete me, Where has it been all my life? And monogrammed? YES PLEASE,

  9. S@sha says:

    Have you tried the Voluspa Apricot & Aprilia scent? It smells awesome and the tin is black and gold. More man points for you.

  10. Catherine Soria says:

    Love your chests!

    1. Kam says:

      Did you hear that?! She loves your chest!

  11. Susana Jacobson says:

    Boring comment but, the furniture looks like Classic Farm
    Furniture, hand made of scrap. Heavens, the Japanese would never make joinery like that! I have an English cupboard made of English (of course) pine and have had several pieces that I cruelly sold in times of need. I find them to be totally charming and warm and love seeing the marks of hand planing etc.

  12. Meagan says:

    Heart heart heart. All of it. The end.

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  14. Pretty much everything about those bedside tables and everything on them is amazing. I agree with other commenters: would love to see more of your place! The little glimpses you have given are so good and tempting…

    I, too, enjoy decorating with stacks of books. And my boyfriend totally does not appreciate it enough.

  15. tess says:

    ha ha, love your white tuffet & white pillow in the corner, so tempting to mess up

    in the front parlor of one house I visited (mother of child’s schoolmate) had picture of her husband, herself, & then senator Obama, and perfectly white chairs no children and no dogs were allowed to touch, even though I was technically not banned, I perched on the edge of a beige sofa

  16. Isabel says:

    Love your blog especially the ceramic pig speaker. Thinking of getting one myself. How loud does it get? Good enough for a dinner party or something?

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