Drawingtimez: Martha Marcy May Marlene

17 November 2011

Dear Movie Lovers,

I forced a friend to go see Martha Marcy May Marlene recently. It was probably the most despicable act I’ve ever committed in my life. Every review I saw for the film was positive. However, this is actually what the film did to my friend and me:

If you’re interested in viewing the trailer, here you go!

In conclusion, I must acknowledge that Martha Marcy May Marlene is a great movie. It is completely well-made and gorgeous and haunting (Sidenote: awesome production design and cinematography). I just wish that I’d never, ever seen it because it traumatized me irreparably and caused my friend to hate my guts. Don’t go see this movie. Unless you have a friend you’re trying to get rid of.


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  1. Kam says:

    HAHAH! hate to laugh at your expense. But I totally understand what you mean!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and whenever I can catch an episode of Secrets from a Stylist I definitely tune in. I think you’re the bomb. I like the way you write too.
    Keep on!

  2. ellen says:

    ummm i’m glad i read this – i kinda wanted to see it – you know the whole olsen appeal/looks pretty/whateves – but i’m positive i’d have the same reaction as you – so thank you for saving me from my embarrassing hysterical crying in theater and multiple nights of reoccurring nightmares. you da bestest.

  3. Dani says:

    The same thing happened to me with the movie Lilya 4-ever by Lukas Moodyson. I dragged my perfectly innocent friend and we were both scarred for life. I felt just like your drawing (except your drawing made me laugh.)

    Also, you and your blog are so lovely and funny. xo

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