Purple Rain on Brooklyn

14 December 2011

Dear New York,

I’ve been visiting you for the past two weeks and I’m writing this as I hurtle through the air on wireless internet equipped plane. Whilst in New York, I stay briefly with my friends Matt and Brandon who live in Brooklyn Heights in the most adorable and amazing apartment in Brooklyn. They’ve done some decorating around the house recently, so I wanted to share their progress. Firstly, how cute are they?!?

This is the original color of their entire apartment. I don’t understand why all landlords seem to think everyone wants to live in dingy “Swiss Coffee” colored apartments. I get that it’s an attempt to make things look warm, but usually it just makes it look like the place was inhabited by hardcore smokers for years and years and years. Or that the walls were smothered in pure butter. Gross.

Matt and Brandon chose a dark grey for their bedroom, which looks bluish in some of these pictures but is actually a warm grey tone. Delicious (Brandon likes it).

I don’t know where he got crazy prints, but I love them.

I like this abstract painting, but the star of this room is clearly these DIY hanging pendants (instructions coming soon!).

This bright red is, like, totally outrageous.

The mirror tipped lightbulbs were a good addition and keep the light from being totally blinding.

For their office, they chose to go with a purple/aubergine color. I’ve been loving on purple for a few years now, but I’m too scared to do anything about my love because I find it hard to wear or use in my apartment. But I love the way they used and the chose the perfect hue.

And of course, what gay Brooklyn apartment is complete without a white lacquer animal head collection on the wall?

Here is the finished living room with their adorable little Christmas tree.

Now that I’ve seen that I’ve seen Matt and Brandon’s apartment, I think they’re going to have to get used to me visiting more. In fact, I think I am going to ask them to be my two gay dads so that I can stay there when I go back to New York next month. Glamour. Awkward. Aspiration.


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  1. Leah says:

    love their place & they are so cute! thanks for sharing!

  2. cassieflynn@yahoo.com says:

    Love the colors – I wish they would come and decorate my apartment!

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