I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

20 December 2011

Dear Bestie Alexis,

Thanks for having me over last night for your glamourous holiday party. Your pink Christmas tree really caught my eye. When you first told me about having a pink tree, I thought it was going to be totally cheesy and crazy, but it turned out awesome. The color is so warm and inviting and adorable. And your glittery ornament collection (purchased mostly at Moskatels in Downtown LA) complements the candy color of the tree perfectly. OrMOMdo made a few of your ornaments too, which added a little handmade character to your beautiful tree. Well done!

I also love that your tree matches the painting I made for you perfectly.

A handmade wax paper star by orMOMdo.

A bear from Moskatels.

The cutest snowman in the WORLD I found at Jonathan Wright & Company.

This tree is an explosion of fun. Just like YOU!


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  1. Catherine Soria says:

    A lovely pink tree that really works and you got it to snow!?!

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