I Want Something From To Do Something

7 February 2012

Dear Furniture & Cabinetry Company To Do Something,

I was at the home of one of my favorite clients today and she told me about you and showed me your stuff and I was instantly in love. I love the clean, modern lines, the playful color, the clever legs. I love the beautiful woods, the generous scale, the masculine shapes. Therefore, To Do Something, you are my favorite discovery of the day. Thank you for existing.

Let’s start with the sexy chairs.

Hay chair! I’m not usually a fan of plywood, but I love how it’s juxtaposed with white lacquer here.

I think good design often means you don’t notice the design at all. This chair is exactly what it’s supposed to be, without any stupid distracting details.

I love the stain on this piece, making it look all cartoony plastic. Like my face.

If I had a record player (which I don’t, because I’m a nerd), I’d name him Herbert and put him in this piece of furniture designed specifically for record players. Luxury.

I’d like to put this pop-y table in my urban loft. If I had one. I hate my life.

The legs on this dining table mean the world to me. How much do you love that gold on the bottom? When, due to the ramifications of Prop 8 being overturned in California, people are allowed to marry goats and inanimate¬†objects, I will most certainly be marrying this table, getting a gold wedding ring to match his gold legs. That sentence was way too long. I’m sorry.

Ugh. Be MINE!

In addition to uberglamourous furniture this company also does uberglamourous custom cabinetry. There is more on their site but I was drawn to the aqua kitchen. Like, duh.

Someday, I will have a house full of this gorgeous cabinetry (who doesn’t love built-in storage?) and each and every one of these pieces of furniture. If that doesn’t happen I’ll hate my life and resent you for it. Yes, you. This is all your fault!


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  1. this trip to your client’s home has really taken its toll on you, but I can relate…just recently I discovered this store http://furnishmevintage.com …well, online because I’m all the way south in Mexico City, but I still went to St. Petersburg- Florida, that is!- and married several very old handsome chunks of something… to be in love with an inanimate object is the same as platonic love it’ll never be mutual!! btw…love, love the AQUAAAAhhh kitchen

  2. Catherine Soria says:

    I love how the colors are mixed and small drawers and cupboard doors line up with the bigger ones–perfect balance.

  3. jon says:

    these pieces are all kinds of amazing

  4. tess says:

    Awesome, love the little cubbies & hidey holes & drawers for records and stuff. Love the herd of skinny legs holding up the big ole slabby table. Love the soft aqua kitchen.

  5. love the custom cabinets and the table. stunning.

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