Whut Glamour – Richard Haines Fashion Illustrations

14 February 2012

Dear Artist & Illustrator Richard Haines,

I was perusing the style section of the NYT recently when I came across some of your fashion illustrations. They reminded me of how much I love your work and how much joy I get from looking at the drawings you create. Seeing them makes me want to be transported into a cartoon world where everything is as gorgeous and appealing as it is in your work. The line quality, the casual yet refined rendering style, the lovely washes of color. It all makes me so happy. Thanks for making such pretty illustrations. Thanks also for your delightful blog, What I Saw Today.


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  1. Diana Sartori says:

    They remind me of a couture Roald Dahl sketch book.

  2. I am sooo in love with the creative process that sometimes i enjoy and can be lost in a designer’s sketch more that what the finished product might offer…I’ve even got a pinterest board titled DESIGNER SKETCHES…may i pin some from this post? I specially liked the two guys in the gallery/museum and the guy in the red hat

  3. i want to go there (said in my best liz lemon impression).

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