Whut Glamour: New York

15 May 2012

Dear New York,

It was a whirlwind trip visiting you for the first two weeks of May. But I must say I saw a ton of pretty things (and I managed to take a picture of a few of them). Here is a pictorial recap of my trip.

We stayed in an adorable part of Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens) in our friend Ian’s apartment. If I ever move back to New York I think I’ll live in Brooklyn. I’ve never lived there before but it’s way more mellow than Manhattan.

Our first night there we took a little walk in Dumbo. Did you know that “DUMBO” stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”? I didn’t.

We shopped the Meeker Avenue Antique and Vintage Market in Williamsburg. We didn’t find anything but it’s always fun to peruse their offerings. Sometimes it’s garbage, sometimes it’s filled with fun finds. This visit was mostly garbagey.

No trip to New York is complete without a trip to Central Park. It’s just classic. Also, it’s the only place in Manhattan you can walk freely without feeling like you’re in a mosh pit of people screaming into their cell phones about what their evening plans are.

On the way to dinner one night I passed this film set. I have no idea what they are filming but it felt like a little slice of home, Hollywood invading the Big Apple.

This was a lovely dinner my friend Misako made for me and some of my old friends from college. Misako is a talented graphic designer who makes glamorous custom invitations, stationery, and business cards. We’ve been friends since grad school and she always makes me feel at home in New York.

She made the most delicious salmon, quinoa, and avocado salad.

New York definitely has more interesting coffee options than Los Angeles. And most of them have really adorable cups like they have at Joe.

I love Fishs Eddy because it reminds me of my mother, who loves it because it reminds her of her grandparents house in Long Eddy, New York. They sell wonderful dinnerware and home goods.

We saw this adorable mirror at an Organic Modern pop up shop in Chelsea.

This was a poem posted in a subway train. I love it a lot.

A trendy Lower East Side pub with a trendy menu with a trendy typeface.

My friend Faris’ fire escape herb garden.

The disco ball DJ booth at David Barton Gym at Astor Place. Because every gym needs a disco ball DJ booth.

A mural on the Lower East Side.

My old apartment in Chelsea, where I went to a dinner with my former roommate and close friend Meaghan.

A ridiculously buttery and delicious French dessert, made by Meaghan.

The view from the Lake House, in Upstate New York.

The adorable Lake House. As someone who fantasizes about living in a barn, it was hard to leave this place. I’m still considering traveling back to squat there illegally, hiding in the basement every time the homeowners come up from the city.

Neon workout gear at Michaels Arts and Crafts store. Whenever I see colors like this my eyes turn into spirals and I can’t turn away. Must. Resist. The. Bright. Colors.

The best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had. Served at Bar Tabac. I drink these because they remind me of someone special. And so can you!

Cute cups at The City Bakery, where the food is “meh!” but the graphic design is “me gusta.”

This image might as well be a scan of my brain, because this is exactly what my internal dialogue looks like.

Schiller’s, Lower East Side. Did you ever notice how waiters in New York are totally mean? Our waiter hated us and made sure we knew it. That being said it was the best dinner I’ve ever eaten in my life (I had the steak frites, smothered in butter. My arteries haven’t been the same since).

I had to take multiple pictures of the sign, because I love the scripty font so much.

Meanwhile, in Sonoma County, California, my niece was doing a cute baby thing by crawling into a basket. I know this is completely unrelated to my New York trip, but it’s totally relevant because she’s the cutest baby in the world. And she’s in a basket. So get into it.

New York was crazy, crazy busy, and crazy fun. Hopefully next time I’ll get to stop and see more sights (my one regret is not seeing The Whitney Biennial). But it felt good to get back to California, back to family, and back to work. The end.


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  1. Scott says:

    I guess I’m not glamorous. Sad face

  2. Thank you for sharing a photo of the exterior of the lake house, now I am dying even more to see the finished product of the inside! I too love the barn-esque quality it has, just beautiful. And I love that it is black – or at least looks black in the photos – what drama.

    I trust you bought that workout gear, otherwise I think we all would be disappointed. I assume that there are many readers, like myself, that are obscenely jealous of your ability to rock the neon. We live vicariously through you — please buy, buy it all!

  3. How do you manage to make everywhere you go look so glamorous?

  4. Elisa says:

    I want to go there!

  5. leslie says:

    you didn’t miss much not going to the biennial. trust me.

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