Whut Glamour: Boffo Show House

30 May 2012

Dear Diary,

I was delighted to open my email this morning and find some images from the latest Boffo exhibition. Boffo is the culture/arts non-profit started by my close friends Faris and Gregory. Their most recent project is an art/design installation called “Show House” that features the work of dozens art artists and designers, each installed into uninhabited apartments on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The show is open until June 4. So check it out if you’re in New York.

The exhibition space is located at 371 Madison Street and is open from 11 AM to 7 PM daily. More images of the show are available from the website of photographer Evan Joseph.


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  1. Gregory says:

    I have seen that house last month in Prague, with scary staring women in it…

  2. Catherine Soria says:

    Fantastic color and innovative furniture and accessories–I like it all!

  3. tess says:

    how beautiful and creative, esp. love the woodland envronment and colorful glass house

  4. Meagan says:

    I love the art stuff you share. I’m kind of obsessed with the room that has the bird mural. So deluxe.

    The colorful house reminds me of a kaleidoscope dollhouse (google it if you’ve never seen one), speaking of dollhouses…

    You and Emily ever going to talk about “I’m a Giant”? On the internet? Or are you secretly hoping it went somewhere to die? Just curious.

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing.

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