Whut Glamour: Tham & Videgård

13 June 2012

Dear Swedish Architecture Firm Tham & Videgård,

I discovered you a few weeks back when I was researching tree houses. You made this awesome treehouse:

Not only do you design glamourous tree houses, you also design modern, exciting homes for lucky, beautiful rich people. Below are a selection of my favorites.

House K

This one is pretty minimal, cold, and scary from the outside, but looks modern and delightful from the inside.


I’ve always dreamed of living in a little box like this one.

Garden House

This house is genius because it takes something kinda depressing (lattice), blows up the scale, and turns it into an unexpected design element.

House Karlsson

This is the little barn I’ve always wanted except way smarter. I love the red and all the fun skylights.

Archipelago House

This is their best house by far. It’s a way sleeker version of that Sonoma County House I really want.

Anyway, I’ll take one of each. Thanks so much.


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  1. This is making buying an American home even more difficult. Why aren’t all the homes around us designed like these? Whine

  2. Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating says:

    That Archipelago house is amazing, especially how it’s just flooded with light and it’s like you’re just out there in nature, rather than inside behind glass.

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