Before & After: Paintingtimez in the Bedroom

16 July 2012

Dear Normal Person,

What do you like to do for your birthday? Do you like to eat spaghetti with your fiancé, simultaneously slurping on the same noodle until you eventually kiss? Do you like to go to Chuck E Cheese’s with a group of grown ups just to terrify the children and their parents? Do you like eat birthday cake, alone, in the closet?

What do I like to do for my birthday, you ask? Well, I like to force my friends to paint my bedroom with me while we drink wine and talk about how a life without art is not life at all. This year my delightful friend Erika Lawrence Gragg helped me paint. Below are the riveting images of how it turned out.

While buying paint for a client, I came across a great color called “Attic” from Porter’s Paints. To save money, I took the paint chip to Home Depot to have it matched. This taught me a very important lesson: trying to save money usually just makes you waste more money. The color produced by Home Depot’s color matching service looked like purple toothpaste and made me want to violently barf all over the place.

To solve the paint problem, I went to everybody’s favorite hardware store (Koontz Hardware in West Hollywood) and grabbed a few more pain samples:

I chose Benjamin Moore In Your Eyes (#715)

And Benjamin Moore White Rain (#708)

I really wanted In Your Eyes to work out just because the name is so ridiculous and amazing, but sadly it was a little too baby blue for me. As for White Rain, it skewed slightly too aqua and would have made my room look a swimming pool. And while I’ve always wanted to live in a swimming pool, I also wanted my room to retain some of its dignity. I ended up going with a grayer, more sophisticated Benjamin Moore color called Pale Smoke (#1584):

I liked Pale Smoke because it borders three of my favorite colors: blue, grey, and aqua. Like my mood, the color completely changes depending on how much sun is in the room.

Here are some pictures of what my boring, white walls looked like before I painted them.

After hours of toiling and getting paint all our faces, painting was complete.

I used a small trunk as a side table on my side of the bed.

I found this architectural drawing at the flea market a while back. The wire horse sculpture is from Emily.

This chair was purchased from a Goodwill in the desert for $10 and reupholstered in glamorous aqua linen for $80. I’m totally into the detail on the legs.

I found this little painting at an antique shop in Burbank. The Japanese print was a holiday gift from my mother.

I changed out the dark grey drapes for white ones. My room is so bright and sunny I thought dark, moody drapes seemed out of place.

This mirror from Ikea is kind of a ridiculous bargain. $129 and it’s enormous. Adds so much light and the illusion of more space.

I went to Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday and found this incredible sailboat. I’ve been wanting one for ages so it was a dream come true for me.

I put this painting over the bed but my boyfriend thought the color palette was too monochromatic with the rest of the room so I ended up changing it out.

A globe fills an awkward space where a plant used to live (until it died because there’s no direct sunlight over there).

If I paint any more rooms grey in my apartment I might have to rename the whole place 50 Shades of Grey.

The End,

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  1. Moodboard says:

    That sea painting above your bed is gorgeous. What a great find.

  2. Suzan says:

    You are right right right about the drapes. Looks great!

  3. Molly says:

    We have the same color in our guest bedroom. Isn’t it gorg?! I love how it changes throughout the day.

  4. Erika says:

    Totally worth it, Birthday Boy! I had the most fun I have ever had painting a room. Something about old friends… and I only had to paint the edges, anyway, super-fun because I love a paintbrush.
    Your room is now so lovely and serene- the pictures don’t do it justice.


  5. Maggie O says:

    Great colors, great pieces, beautiful room. I actually love the moody seascape with your painting by the bed – plus I love how you turned the painting “upside down” too – so cool.
    I was looking at random blogs and thought of yours when I saw this posting: – it’s in Belgium or something, but it’s an old farmhouse at the front and back, it has a wall of books etc. and has the whole nature thing going on too. Happy Birthday!

  6. Lesley says:

    When I saw the first shot with Attic chip I thought “hey, that looks like the color in my kids’ room: In Your Eyes!” I can understand why it didn’t work for you. We love it for the kids’ room, which has its original wood trim and no other pastels. We used red and lime green (but not neon) as accents.
    Your room looks great!

  7. Amanda says:

    Looks lovely!

  8. JB says:

    Wow! Those are YOUR paintings?!!!! How do I get one?!!!

  9. Amanda says:

    Wow, Orlando – They’re all over you on AT on this one!
    (Coincidentally, I was first introduced to you & started following your blog because you were featured over there.)
    I think it’s lovely. Particularly love your chair & wire horse.
    Your color choice is my favorite of those you sampled, and your fab photos show the variance it has in different light.

  10. Isn’t it maddening??! Thank you for sharing your paint drama; it really is comforting. Currently, I’m regretting painting my den Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, because it just feels too sea foamy most of the day. Some parts of the day, though, it looks just like your Pale Smoke. I love aqua, but I think I wanted more a HINT of aqua than outright aqua, even though Sea Salt is a very muted, dusty sort of aqua. *sigh* What to do!

  11. Mary says:

    Gorgeous space! Did you dilute the pale smoke at all? I am renovating now and it is showing more baby blue on my wall. Thanks!

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