God Hates Flags (No He Doesn’t)

18 September 2012

Dear Flags,

You’re all over the place these days. I started obsessing when I saw this image from Design Sponge. Of course, the whole thing is reliant on how aged and full of history that flag is. This Ikea Malm Bed looks totally cool because it’s surrounded by that great flag and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

This barn exists on Highway 41, outside my hometown of Yosemite Village, California. I’ve always been fascinated with it, even though it was probably painted by crazy xenophobes who run around accusing everyone of being terrorists.

You know how sometimes you’re like “I want distinctive and interesting drapery!” and then you can’t find any. Well these people just used an old flag and it looks great. Let this be a lesson to you.

This look is a little more clean, modern, and Jasper Johns-y, but it works well with the all-white decor in this room.

And now onto a flag that I like even more than the American flag. The Californian flag. Everyone who knows me knows I am a blowhard about the fact that California is the best state in the Union. And our flag, with its adorable fluffy bear, is the best flag in the world. Here is the original one:

Here is another vintage flag. The font is a lot more delicate than the current one.

And this girl. She’s all “Hay, I moved to California because I’m blonde!” The frame on the flag makes it a lot more elegant.

This is a painting of the flag. Pretty adorable.

If you’ve ever been to California, you know most of our time is spent on the back of vintage vehicles, driving around clad in Levi’s, quoting Walt Whitman whilst enjoying the vast natural landscape of our great Golden State. Because none of us have jobs or responsibilities, we spend the entirety of our lives celebrating our freedom whilst listening to Joni Mitchell.

And so when I found an awesome vintage California flag I was excited. I hung it in my bedroom above my bed.

My boyfriend was all “I think we should clean this.” And I was all “Duh. Like me, the fact that this flag is dirty and tattered is what makes it so cool.” This flag has been loved so much, has flown high above a California schoolhouse, and now lives happily above my bed.

I love the face the bear is making. He’s like, “Oh my god did you know Rianna’s name is actually pronounced “REE-ANNA?” Gross. I liked her so much more when I thought it was pronounced “REE-ONNA.” It’s a scientific fact that our state bear is totally sassy.

Each night, before I go to bed, I pledge allegiance to the flag of California. Mainly because it provides so many wonderful decorative applications.


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  1. Jen says:

    Love flags! I have a 48-star US flag that hung in my dining room for a long time… recently moved it to the guest room which has a slightly nautical feel and it fits well in the room. I love the bold colors on your CA flag as well!

  2. I have a California Bicentennial flag (1769-1969). I love it SO much. It’s all yellow with a large bear. I need to frame it but that’s going to be costly. Right now I have it hanging like a tapestry in my dining room.

    California really is the best state and I wasn’t even born here.

  3. randi says:

    I’m sorry but it’s Ree-Hannah.

  4. macarthursmutterings says:

    Ok, I am an English man living in Australia but now I want and American flag in my living room….

  5. Megan B. says:

    This post made me laugh out loud more than once. Our CA bear IS sassy! Way to go.

  6. L says:

    You just inspired me to pull my giant California flag out of the closet and hang it proudly in my Mississippi living room. I even put some succulents (smuggled legally on the airplane back from Northern California) under it as a crude sort of sacrificial sacred worship space. Next I plan on burning incense of Patchouli and playing “California” on repeat whilst weaving friendship bracelets out of hemp while perched on my Argentinian leather sling chair from 1970s Santa Barbara. Thank you, again.

  7. Brittney Rindlisbacher says:

    Ahh I totally live in Fresno & LOVE that random flag barn thing! Nice shout out!

  8. Billy says:

    I totally want that flag on a wall.

    Also I totally grew up in Coarsegold and went to Yosemite High School.
    Wah Wah Wahhh.


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