Vote For My Homie!

12 February 2013

Dear Reader,

Most days of my life these days are spent working alongside Emily Henderson. We decorate houses. We talk about guys, shopping, and the mall. We write for her blog,, which just underwent a totally glamorous makeover.

We also do the following:

1. Laugh whilst drinking lattes.

2. Pose with our daughter, Bonnie Sue.

3. Stare out the window, looking for peeping Toms.

All photos by Kimberly Genevieve for The Everygirl. (Yes, I was in a publication called The Everygirl. [I’m every woman/It’s all in me]).

So what does this have to do with you, you ask? Everything. Emily’s blog is up for an incredibly prestigious award given by Apartment Therapy every year. The Homies. The Homies are basically the oscars of the design blog world. So please go to Apartment Therapy, vote for Emily, and then give yourself a pat on the back. If you don’t do this, Emily and I will become failures and then we will be homeless and it will be all your fault. Don’t you want to help the homeless? Vote for Emily (click here). Right now.


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  1. Terry Chadd says:

    Orlando, FYI if by chance my vote did not help you & Emily and both of you become homeless know you’ll always have a place in my home. It may be tight since I have a small one bedroom apartment but I think the three of us can manage.

    Love, Terry

  2. Britt says:

    Done. She’s too cute not to sweep this thing.

  3. ida says:

    for real now: who is this gorgeou brunette??

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