That One Time I Stumbled Into The Most Amazing House In The World

12 June 2013

Dear Donatella Versace (Pre-Facelift and Lip-Injection),

A few weeks ago, I put my Gaggle of Gays in the trunk of my car and took them to Palm Springs for a weekend of meaningless pool parties, long theoretical pool-side discussions, and mid-day jogs in 109 degree weather. Yes, it was Memorial Day in the desert, and every single homosexual I know was in Palm Springs wandering around looking for fun. Our goal was to make our weekend as brainless and undignified as possible. Which we excelled at until, like alcoholic homeless prostitutes poised for humiliation and social ostracization, we drunkenly stumbled upon this gorgeous house:












Okay, okay. I’ll tell you where I was. Somehow, I got invited to this super glamorous house owned by a super friendly, welcoming host, who poured us all glasses of rosé and told us the history of his home. The house, called Abernathy House, was originally designed by William Cody in 1962. It was completely restored in 2008 by Michael Haverland, who is now my favorite architect in the whole world. The home was decorated by Darren Brown, and every piece in it feels in keeping with the it’s perfectly historical restoration. Not only does the homeowner have totally glamorous taste and a gorgeous iconic estate, he also has a vintage car collection which we slobbered all over, including this pretty Mercedes:


Because I got sunscreen all over my camera, my pictures are blurry so I’ve decided to include images taken by legitimate non-hobo photographers. All photos courtesy of Michael Haverland Architecture and Darren Brown Interiors.




















Finally, after subjecting you to all that glamour, I have a question for you. Which of these two setups do you like?

1. Facing sofas with outdoor carpet:


2. Facing sofas with double coffee tables:


Speak now or forever hold your peace. I, on the other hand, am going to hold myself and reminisce about my day at The Abernathy House, realizing that the most beautiful, meaningful experience I ever had is now behind me, leaving me nothing to look forward to for the rest of my life. Sigh.


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  1. Mehdi says:

    I went “OMG” with each photo. That place is gorgeous !
    And I definitely prefer the facing sofas with the coffee tables.

  2. Completely drooling over these photos. It’s like you died and went to house heaven … and the rest of us are now in house purgatory, where we can see this beautiful home but not experience it ourselves.

    I vote for the facing sofas and double coffee tables. You’ll need a place to put your rosé — or at least the empty glass — while you have deep conversations on that couch, staring off dreamily into that expansive pool with those awesome elephant statues.

  3. katehunka says:

    I too vote for the facing sofas with the double coffee tables, Although I want to like the other, there are just too many reasons to go with the tables instead: place to put yo stuff when relaxing, the levels and circles are pleasing, and perhaps most importantly, I’m thinking of doing a double coffee table setup, so it’s obviously the best.

  4. Cam says:

    After scrolling through these images, my usually sunny outlook on life has been darkened by an envy of the ugliest nature. But I *think* my senses are still intact, and so I’d plump for the outdoor carpet. Living in London, the notion of a carpet being safely exposed to the elements is heavenly…

  5. Newton says:

    I prefer the coffee tables!

  6. Kevin Orlin Johnson says:

    That is well worth a look. So interesting that I don’t even care that some of the pictures are there twice. Find more. Thanks!

  7. 3 things:
    1- What is the address? I must move in tomorrow!
    2- Triple heart love the pics, but lol’d that at least one of the boyz were on the phone in each photo.
    3- The couches must face the tables. The rug looks amazing in the photo, but wet rug grosses me out, and as Emily said, you’ve gotta have a place to set your Rose’!

  8. Wow that’s an amazing house. I like the mini swimming pool or is it a jacuzzi. It’s looks like a home and not just a house. Coffe tables is my vote.. Ivan

  9. Kevin Orlin Johnson says:

    I found more. Did you see this one? Somehow I like it even better. But maybe that’s just me.

    1. Orblogdo says:

      YES! Check out his site, there are a ton more, all of them awesome…
      Expect a blog post or two about him in the future…

  10. Miss Pomp says:

    Screw functionality! I pick the rug…It makes it look like the pool just goes on forever and ever and is all dreamy.

  11. Gorgeous! Wish I had known you were in Palm Springs.. Regarding the rug vs. coffee tables dilemma — is it an either/or? Can’t we have the tables on the rug and the best of both?

  12. stephen says:

    the tables, duh. without them you won’t have anywhere to put your drinks while you’re being all fabulous in the summer sun.

  13. Brian says:


    Answer to your question: Both! It all depends on the occasion…

  14. kaptaink says:

    Ditto on the duo coffee tables…. L-O-V-E the house.

  15. Lauren says:

    My heart is racing! Holy crap that is beyond.
    Would the coffee tables on the carpet be a no-no or something? They’re both fab.

  16. tess says:

    you are so lucky to have visited such a beautiful place!

    the hand chair cracks me up, I almost got one out of an alley after a move out, but an early bird was already packing it away in his trunk

    I’m wondering if the soaring ceilings and beams were meant to be painted, was kind of imagining what wood was underneath

    the rug looks so luxe, would it stand up to sun & water? the tables seem more practical, though no less pretty

  17. GatorKate says:

    Beautiful! I like the sunscreen photos. They’re like the Mad Men episodes when Don Draper goes to California and everything is a little bit dreamy/hazy.

  18. I feel awkward admitting I’m the only one who doesn’t really care for this house.

  19. Kathy says:

    Definitely go with the coffee tables. The two facing sofas (alone) remind me of a doctor’s waiting room or airport lobby.

  20. Suzan says:

    The house: Oh my gaaaash. There are no words.
    The couch situation: The rug is BEautiful, but you need a table for your drink.
    The Brad Forkner: It’s ok–that just leaves more gorgeousness for the rest of us.

  21. how about both !!! it would look like a outside living space.

  22. tommy says:

    you have busty friends.

  23. Absolutely gorgeous! I like the sofa facing with outside carpet. The blue is transcendental.

  24. LOVE!!! Want to live here! I prefer the coffee tables

  25. Jennifer says:

    One word: B E D S P R E A D

  26. […] discovered your work a few months ago when I visited the gorgeous Abernathy House, a lovely estate you renovated in Palm Springs. I quickly became obsessed with your work and am now […]

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