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2 August 2013

Dear Reader,

It’s impossible to explain this week’s Instagramz, or my week in general, without first showing you this clip from “My So-Called Life”:

Yes, Angela, you’re right. There is something about Sunday that makes you want to kill yourself. I woke up on Sunday morning. Alone. In my bed. After a night where I tried to go out (To see Cher. At Rasputin. Like, ironically) but got too upset and depressed and sad about missing my ex boyfriend to do anything except go home and drink alone whilst watching The Truman Show. (Sidenote: Why does no one ever talk about the fact that that movie has the same Philip Glass score as the amazing 80s art movie Powaquattsi? Look it up. It’s true. I know that’s probably kind of obscure and weird to be bringing up but my mind was boggled. A mainstream American movie with the same soundtrack as an experimental 80s art film. Weird).

All of this rambling is to explain why I selfied myself on Instagram on Sunday morning. I woke up and was all “My life is stupid.” And then I looked in the mirror and I looked like a Dr. Seuss character. My hair does this super annoying thing every single morning where it sticks straight up in the air and wont go down unless I take a shower. It’s always irritated me because it’s so hard to control and basically means I have to wear a hat or spend 2 hours doing my hair. But on Sunday I just realized how stupid and hilarious it was. And I just couldn’t be sad anymore. Life is too dumb and ridiculous to be sad.


In other news, I really hate selfies. I hate it when people’s Instagram feeds are all pictures of themselves trying to act cute, so I try not to do that myself. But in this case it was necessary. I just had to show everyone how stupid my hair is, how dumb my life is, and how ultimately that is okay. So, with my selfie, I basically cured cancer and solved world hunger.

After my morning of selfie stupidity, I headed to my favorite summer party, Summertramp, a gay outdoor party in Downtown LA. [Check out images of the party on Ronys Photobooth].




After Summertramp we stopped by Poketo, a store that represents my personality more fully than any other (meaning that everything in there is bright and Japanese).


I went to the Anawalt Lumber on Highland for the first time this week. I don’t know why I haven’t ever been there before. I love old timey hardware stores and this one is awesome. It’s right next door to this giant monolithic building:


I have these Interior Design clients who live in La Habra Heights and I’m totally obsessed with them. They are the kind of clients that make work seem like playing. We have so much fun every time we meet. This time, I found them this ridiculously gorgeous lamp from Lawson-Fenning. It’s by Visual Comfort and I want to squeeze it so hard that my arms break, everyone around me gasping in horror, begging me to stop, to please let go.


I also styled their bar cart. How much do you LOVE that painting?


Also from Lawson-Fenning, these adorable Italian sculptures. Still avail, FYI. I’m not endorsed by Lawson-Fenning, I swear. It’s just one of those stores where you go in and you want everything and you want it so bad that you feel like you’re going to scream but then you realize you are actually screaming out loud in the store and then you feel embarrassed.


This is an ugly house I pass by all the time on the way to Runyon Canyon. It’s so frustrating to me because if it had a few updates (ie new window trims, paint on the bricks, etc) it would look awesome. But alas, it just sits there being a gross Chinoiserie Tudor mansion (Yes, they did that combo. Barf).


This glamourous sculpture/pencil holder belongs to gorgeous interior designer Matthew Lanphier, who I am lucky to count among my friends.


This beautiful roofline is on the H&M on the Sunset Strip. Delightful, right?


One time, on Wednesday, my pants exploded whilst I was installing a hanging sculpture at OhJoy’s office. I felt really skinny after that. Not. I had to tape my shorts together with neon tape until I found gorgeous sweatpants to wear around all day. I did love these shorts. And I miss them already.


This week brought a lot of progress in my studio, as I finally made time to work on some new paintings. I’m excited with the new direction I’m going. Lots of color and geometry.




I spent the afternoon working at Graffiti Coffee recently. At which point I realized that it was the very hippest place in the whole entire world. When the apocalypse happens, I hope I am sitting in there drinking coffee. So that I can be trapped inside for the rest of time.



When I’m not meeting with clients or working with Emily, I tend to spend my days working away at the West Hollywood Library. It’s a beautiful new building filled with a mixture of college students, Hollywood writers, LA moms, and crazy people screaming at the public access computers.


If I get bored of the library, I can always waddle across the street to the Pacific Design Center, where I found this gorgeous piece of nothingness:


So I guess the moral of the story this week, which I learned from looking at Instagram, is that life is just really stupid and ridiculous, and beautiful. And that’s just the way I like it.


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  1. Kevin Orlin Johnson says:

    Wonderful. That’s our Orlando. Welcome back!

  2. Alicia says:

    Orlando, I have to tell you that you are endearing beyond words. I linked to your blog from Emily’s, and I read nearly every post.

  3. Bradley says:

    I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, but I’ve been reading it for a long time now without comment. Today I have to tell you how awesome I think you are – at writing, designing, photography, art. Even your hair is awesome, despite the after-shower Hermie look. Anyways, keep writing and sharing. It’s always a highlight of my day to have a new Orlando blog pop up in my notifications. Btw, your paintings are amazing.

  4. I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, but I’ve been reading it for a long time now without comment. Today I have to tell you how awesome I think you are – at writing, designing, photography, art. Even your hair is awesome, despite the after-shower Hermie look. Anyways, keep writing and sharing. It’s always a highlight of my day to have a new Orlando blog pop up in my notifications. Btw, your paintings are amazing.

  5. afhuafhu says:

    Hi Dear Orlando,

    As an art and fashion student, I admire your work as an interior designer and stylist. As a learning writer and reader, I am definitely entertained and educated from your blog and more importantly that I am inspired. You always look at life with a positive, fun, and happy perspective, which I believe cheers all the readers of your blog. I can’t recall how I first found your blog, but never a minute do I regret to follow it.

    Well, I don’t own a smartphone yet, so no Instagram for me. So besides how much fun I have looking at your Instagram pics on your blog I have, here’s my question for you (if you ever read this comment)… Do you think Instagram is addicted?

    Sorry to hear about you and your ex, but glad that you’re recovering. I’m so jealous of your hair that sticking straight up after you wake up, it’s actually quite cute and can be called as a hairdo. But everyone has their preference! At least you don’t have my hair that is either all flat, like a bird nest, or like I just been hit by lightening! That I have to take a shower before I head out, or else my hideous looking hair might just blinded someone! (Btw you look all cuddly and huggable with your bedhead, you’re getting a compliment from a person who’s usually compliment by friends as cute and stylish, so you definitely look more than handsome!) Just realized that I sound so phony, but I’m just telling the truth.

    Love what you did with your clients’ bar cart! And you’re not alone, since I will definitely scream out loud and run to hug that adorable Italian sculpture!!! The ugly house you pass by all the time on the way to Runyon Canyon, I have a different opinion about it, I think it needs a new roof more than a paint on the bricks, or maybe they should do both! But it does have some lovely characters.

    You should probably sew up your pants if they are still repairable since you like them so much. But there’s a saying if the old ones don’t go, then the new ones will never come! And there’s never too much new clothes 🙂

    Love your paints, especially the triangles with blue and white! May I ask what medium did you use to created it? And on what?

    Keep up with your great blog, and hope you’re having a greater day everyday. And enjoying every lovely day!


  6. dana says:

    I love that Anawalt on Highland so much. I spend way too much time there….don’t tell anyone else about it, ok? Thanks!

  7. Dear Orlando, You are brilliant with your instagram. Really brilliant.
    I like your hair, and I too wallowed in the shallows of selfies this week – with an image of my feet, just to share their ridiculousness. (in the form of tan lines.. which you can see here if you want to see. But you probably don’t! (ridiculous) :
    Loving your geometry, and a lot is how much I love that painting.
    PS: I comment all the time. Last week I read the Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (which is probably my new favorite book ever.. it was so sad, yet so incredibly hilarious & uplifting at the same time)
    Anway- it’s written in letter format. And I’m reminded of it when you write in letter format. Hence my comment in letter format.
    Yours Ever,
    Amanda in Minnesota (way up by Canada – not the lower half, which is blah.)

  8. Megan says:

    I randomly stumbled upon your blog and have been having such a fun time visiting it. You are gorgeous, your ex is dumb.

  9. Shine says:

    You are beautiful.

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