Friday Fashonz: What’s On Justin?

9 August 2013


Dear Gorgeous Person Reading This Post,

Are you reading Scout Sixteen? You should be. It’s just basically a whole site of Justin Livingston wearing cute outfits, standing on cute streets, being cute. So I’ve decided to start featuring him so that we can all ogle his outfits together. Enjoy!

This week’s outfit is a glamorous floral shirt with some perfect-fitting jeans (I could use some of those). I need an outfit transplant. Like, now. Check out the full details of his ensemble here.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Yea, I can see how you’d be into this guy. He’s hella cute.

  2. Love this! Saw one of ensambles on pintrest a few days ago and started following!

  3. Are you trying to get a new boyfriend by randomly mentioning cute or talented people on your blog? 😀

  4. My GOD you rule. That is the most adorable blog to date.

  5. Nicole Trimmer says:

    Just discovered your blog. Spent hours ugly laughing at your posts! I love you and your blog. That is all.

  6. Hola Orland! Check out my blog… I also look cute but I have a bit of more attitude. Plus I like to party and drinking a lot more than Justin… Just saying 😉

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