Whut Glamour: Emily & I Makeover A Luxurious Los Feliz Home!

22 August 2013

Dear Homelovers,

Ever wonder what it’s like when Emily and I install at a house we designed? Check out this video of us installing, pillow-fighting, and dancing. The video even has a SHOCKING surprise ending where you find out that Emily and I are in love and that I am the real father of her upcoming baby. YAY!


Thanks to JBL for sponsoring this video series!


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  1. Ame says:

    Sweet moves.

    Loving this house, great styling. J’adore the stadium seating at the end of the bed!

  2. Noel P. says:

    Where are those dining chairs from?!?

  3. …and where exactly do we sign up to date you? Those dance moves were too much to handle.

  4. If you’re going straight you have to return the pink flamingo cup-holders to the gay agendists. I’m also going to have to totally revoke your automatic membership at my chateau…. you decide 😛

  5. you two are adorable!

  6. egragg says:

    I watched this on mute because my loved one is sleeping and it looks like a cotton commercial. You two are too darn cute. Really. Cut it out, already!

  7. Vinnyvin says:

    way too cute

  8. Fabulous Decor. Went great with the dance moves. Love, love, love!


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