Why You Should Ogle Other People’s Homes

14 October 2013

Photography by Alexander Evans

Dear Diary,

Los Angeles. It’s not really a walking city. But if you force yourself to get out of your car and wander around, there are plenty of things to ogle and admire. I came across a lovely building on Harper Avenue recently and decided to snoop around. While I enjoy where I live, one of my favorite weekend activities is to walk around and fantasize about living somewhere else, whether it be a glamourhouse up the street from me or this gorgeous Spanish Revival apartment building. Or is it a condo building? Also, what’s the difference between an apartment and a condo? Why do people who own condos find it necessary to call them condos and not just apartments? Is it classist to call them condos? Am I classist? Also, why do people in New York buy “apartments” but people in LA buy “condos”? When did my scruff turn into a beard? Does this beard make me look older or just more hip? Why am I asking so many questions?


Here’s the building as it appears from the street.


If I lived in this building I imagine that one day, a deranged blog fan would find me and yell things at my window until I came and stood on the balcony. And then I would look down and see that he was hunky and blond and then we would fall in love. And I’d jump down and he would catch me and we would get married.


Right? Like, hello! These are total Romeo & Juliet balconies (even though I doubt you can actually stand on them unless you are miniature).





The building has a beautiful courtyard where residents like to sit and act rich.



That doorway. I’d love to cuddle up and sleep on that stoop, just so I could stare at it all night.




I’m not a huge fan of wrought iron, but for some reason I love it on Spanish Revival buildings.


I don’t know what this style of window is called but I love them and want them all over my futurehouse.


I’d imagine that there is a neighborhood near you where you can go and stare at houses or apartments. Look them up and down provocatively. Wink at them. Maybe whistle and yell explicit things at them. And you should explore these neighborhoods. It’s good design research and it makes you appreciate your surroundings. So go forth! Ogle some buildings!


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  1. Amy says:

    Where is this amazingly beautiful apartment/condo residence in LA? I don’t care what they call it I would love to live/own there!!!

  2. EQi says:

    The major difference between apartments and condominiums is that condos have “common areas” such as front desk, garage, pool, gym, recreation room, etc.

    In NYC, b/c of the space is tight, most of buildings don’t have these common areas, they’re just apartments and their commonly shared space is just the main entrance/foyer, stairs, maybe the roof.

    LA’s apartment building are mostly in the downtown area, while apartment buildings in other areas are more of condos.

    Apartment buildings were usu built from way back when, while the newer or currently built ones are usu condos.

  3. I admire architecture and to me the simply design can be the most appealing. We have a very modern contemporary home. Now that’s what we have been told. My knowledge of architecture is very limited. To me I just liked the space that our current home has. These apartments, condos have a certain mystery and charm about them. I would live there too. Ivan

  4. Albert says:

    “Is it classist to call them condos? Am I classist? Also, why do people in New York buy “apartments” but people in LA buy “condos”? When did my scruff turn into a beard? Does this beard make me look older or just more hip? Why am I asking so many questions?”

    You are completely me. All of that. How do you have my voice?

  5. I think that would work better as a private house than an apartment 😀

  6. jsoroff says:

    Those windows are called jali screens in India and are a Moorish influence.

  7. Beard makes you look hip. Condos because it makes them feel better. I hope you got a nice tan, it looks warm down there. Not so much up here

  8. Nora says:

    ogling houses and apartment buildings is my favorite activity. more, please!

  9. I’d be that super blog fan. Sadly, I’m neither hunky nor blonde. Would busty and brunette work?

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