Gray’s Gardens

21 April 2014

 Photography by Nicole Lamotte, Courtesy One Kings Lane


Dear Gray Malin,

I’m pretty jealous of your outdoor space. The glamorous, enormous back yard you have behind your West Hollywood home is green and lush and inviting. I want to go to like 500 gardenparties there. Designing this outdoor space in conjunction with One Kings Lane was a dream because I basically had the best outdoor stuff at my fingertips.


We began our design by selecting this wonderful outdoor sectional from One Kings Lane (where all the furnishings came from). Like most type-A LA Gays, Gray and his husband Jeff have 500 million friends and like the have them over all the time at parties that are so perfectly composed that it makes you want to scream and tear out all your hair. Being so obsessed with hosting, they wanted as much seating as possible. Which is why all the glamorous upholstered outdoor seating we found was just what the doctor ordered.


Gray designed this gorgeous series of surfboards and I want ALL of them. The plant is from Mickey Hartigay’s Plants, where Gray and I went crazy and bought everything.


I’m a huge fan of these large outdoor rugs. Since the deck is long, we created two distinct seating areas using the rugs to corral the furniture. We kept the color palette pretty monochromatic. Since we both love navy it wasn’t difficult to figure out what color to choose.


These succulents make me want to drown myself. So that I can come back as a succulent. So that my life will actually be worth something.

So Gray, if you’re reading this, I’m coming over right now to luxuriate in your back yard. Forever.


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  1. RC says:

    I know this is completely trivial, and I love reading about your various home and office polishes, but can you please, please, please correct the spelling in the link for MICKEY HARGITAY’S PLANTS (its not ‘Hartigay” – and this isn’t the first time you’ve used it). I have no connection to them, but I may petition for you to lose your gay card if you don’t correct it, as I’m sure you know that Mickey Hargitay (Mr. Universe 1955) was married to actress Jayne Mansfield, and their daughter is actress Mariska Hargitay . . .

  2. so fresh! I love the surfboard too! <3

  3. michelle says:

    Amaaaazing job. Love your use of succulents. Bar cart source possible? As always a little bit of brilliance from l’homme

  4. axl says:

    Geez! Handsome as ever. Great job. Love the succulents but they’d have a very short life span around me.

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