Hommemaker Founder Orlando Soria is an interior designer, writer, and visual artist who lives in Los Angeles, California. He got his start on HGTV as Emily Henderson‘s on-camera assistant on the home makeover series Secrets From A Stylist. A graduate of Cornell’s University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning and The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design, Orlando has been a staple of the design industry for years. His first book Get It Together! was released in Spring 2018.


Orlando has completed a range of interior design projects. Click here to see them!


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Homme: French Word For “Man”
Maker: A person that makes or produces something.

This site is a site for men who like to make stuff. For men who are creative. For men who like being home makers (henceforth referred to as Hommemakers). And clearly, a site for ladies who love to do those things as well. I mean, let’s be real, it’s a site for anyone who wants to read it, but the purpose for creating it was to emphasize that dudes, too, can be domestic.

The Hommemaker Mission Statement:

Dear World,

Hommemaker’s purpose is to provide an inclusive space for male domesticity. This includes a fascination with interior design, art, great food, cultural experiences, friends, and family.

Hommemaker seeks to be humorous when appropriate and especially when not appropriate.

Hommemaker reserves the right to be serious when seriousness is in order.

Hommemaker believes in the “Dear _____” format. It’s been with me for years and I still find it funny. I don’t know why. In fact, I often recite letters verbally. As in “Dear Waiter, I’d like the ham ‘n’ cheese omelette, please! Love, Orlando.”

A true Hommemaker is a feminist who loves women, even if he doesn’t “love” women that way. You know what I mean. OK fine, I’ll spell it out for you. I’m talking about the gays, alright! THE GAYS!

A good Hommemaker cares about the environment, preferring home furnishings that are long-lasting, repurposed, or recycled over cheaply made mass-produced pieces.

Hommemaker believes that quotation marks are annoying and best used as jokes (i.e. “thanks” for that “awesome” present you “bought” me). That being said we will use them when we’re supposed to, begrudgingly.

Hommemaker believes that buying things at flea markets is a fun and exciting way to promote recycling.

Hommemaker believes in finding beauty wherever you can, whether it be in nature, in graffiti, or in a well-designed object.

Hommemaker believes that nature is the epitome of glamour, a hike through the woods one of life’s most delightful luxuries.

Hommemaker believes that style is important and meaningful. Design is an art form.

Hommemaker cares about aesthetics, but thinks superficiality is stupid.

Hommemaker believes that things that are inexpensive and/or free are often more luxurious than things that cost a lot of money.

Hommemaker seeks to be humble whilst not being cloyingly “down-homey” and sophisticated without being pretentious. If we succeed at this it will be, like, a total miracle.

Hommemaker believes in inserting the word “like” into sentences as if it were 1992 in the San Fernando Valley.

Hommemaker seeks to inspire Hommeboys and Hommegirls all over the world to find excitement in making their spaces beautiful.

Hommemaker believes in doing it yourself. Painting your walls is good exercise! Making your own furniture, liberating!

Hommemaker believes in respect, cheap digs and snark have their place, but not in our house.

And, most importantly, Hommemaker believes that everyone is an artist. You just have to believe in your creative abilities. And if you don’t I’m going to come over there and make you believe in your creative abilities. It wont be pretty.

Love Always,