A Colorful Makeover for a Bright Youtube Star

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish Dear Diary, Wanna see the craziest, most colorful design I’ve done for a Homepolish influencer yet? Check out my makeover of Joey Graceffa’s office (and his boyfriends cute outdoor lounge) on Homepolish Mag! FULL STORY THIS WAY >>> Love, Orlando

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Orcondo Bedrooms & Common Areas

Dear Renovation Revelers, My final Orcondo post for Emily Henderson went live today and it features some of my favorite spaces in the condo: the bedrooms. If you love transformations, you need to see this. Here is a preview of the type of before/after action you can expect: Enticed? Head on over to Emily’s blog to read the rest. Love, Orlando FULL POST THIS WAY >>>

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Before & After: Orcondo’s Kitchen & Bathrooms

Dear Lovers of Mega Makeovers, As you know, Orcondo is all done with her plastic surgery and ready to face the world with her gorgeous new face! We’ve been revealing the condo step by step on Homepolish and Emily Henderson’s blog, so today we have some extra special updates to share with you. It’s time to chat about the kitchens and bathrooms. Which previously were the grossest spaces in the condo and now are the most delectable. Click on through to hear their courageous stories. Love, Orlando FULL STORY HERE FOR EMILY HENDERSON STORY & HERE FOR HOMEPOLISH STORY >>>

Taking a Hollywood Hills House from Flab to Fab

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish Dear Home Renovation Lovers, One of my favorite projects was covered in some of my favorite publications (Architectural Digest and Homepolish Magazine!). But what you might not have seen in these publications is the SUPER DRAMATIC transformation this house underwent. I have to admit, Donnie and Ryan (the adorable couple featured above) had a great contractor who did the lion’s share of the work. But I was around to wave my Homepolish magic wand, making final decisions on finishes, wall-color, and obviously, furniture. Below is a mouth-watering collection of before and after pictures that…

Adding Warmth to a White Kitchen

Photograph by Tessa Neustadt Diary Diary, Are you curious how I got my white kitchen to feel warm and inviting? Just kidding, you’re just a diary, I doubt you’re curious about anything. For those HUMAN readers out there, feel free to check out my latest post for Homepolish Magazine, in which I give some tips on how to make your white kitchen as gorgeous and attractive as you are. Hurry! Love, Orlando FULL POST THIS WAY! >>>

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly at My Beach House Renovation

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish Dear Diary, If I had to make a list of my very favorite things to do in the entire world, looking at before and after pictures of houses would probably be near the top. There’s something insanely satisfying about looking at a gorgeous interior photograph and then looking at a totally ugly picture of what it used to look like. It’s like, no matter how pretty the after photo is, it’s always prettier in contrast to the revolting before picture. This is why when I meet people for the first time, I like to show…

Hollywood Hills Home Goes from HORRENDOUS to HAY!

Photograph by Tessa Neustadt Dear Renovation Lovers, My recently-completed project for THE WORLD’S CUTEST COUPLE is finally done and up on Homepolish Mag. Follow this link to read about how we transformed this place from MEH to EH MEH GED! I’ll be covering the behind-the-scenes (including DISGUSTING before pics next week here on Hommemaker). Love, Orlando FULL POST THIS WAY >>>

Creating a Happy Place Part II: Finishing Touches!

Dear Sleep Lovers, I recently teamed up with Cocoon by Sealy to spruce up my guest bedroom as part of their “My Happy Place” campaign. The timing was perfect, because I’m getting ready to (finally) do the full reveal of the Orcondo renovation and the guest bedroom was the one room that still felt lacking in polish. As a reminder, this is what the glamorous (and super comfy) mattresses that sparked the whole makeover look like: The master bedroom at my condo is pretty dark and romantic (that’s a designer way of saying it get’s like no natural light). The guest…

One Room Challenge: Treehouse Reveal!

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish Dear EVERYONE! My One Room Challenge treehouse is finally finished! (As of yesterday when Tessa Neustadt took these beautiful shots). Here’s a little peek of what it looks like inside: Wanna see more pics? The full tour is up on Homepolish, so head on over to see the whole thing! Love, Orlando FULL STORY THIS WAY >>> And check out the other One Room Challenge participants here: • Claire Brody • The Curated House • Design Manifest • Driven by Decor • Honey We’re Home• Hunted Interior • The Makerista • Making it Lovely • My Sweet Savannah • Pencil and Paper Co.• The Pink Clutch • Savvy Home • Simplified Bee • Sketch 42 • Jill Sorensen • Orlando Soria• Thou Swell • The Vault Files • Waiting on Martha • The Zhush • Media Partner House Beautiful• TM by CIH

One Room Challenge: Week Five

Photography By Orlando Soria, Brooke Spreckman, and Bethany Nauert Dear Construction Diary, With one week to go in the One Room Challenge, I’ve still got lots to do. Luckily, the interior walls are all painted and all we have left is the fun part. FURNITURE. At one point in my life I really wanted to start a line of furniture and call it FUN-ITURE. But Then I realized that was stupid and someone probably did it already. Anyway, I love choosing colors and doing construction-oriented design stuff, but my true love is plopping furniture into a space and finally making…