A Spring Refresh at the Beach House

Dear Decorating Diary, Remember when I had short hair and looked like this? And posed like a wax figure? I added that photo in for literally no reason other than that I need you to know that I exist and I’m talking to you from INSIDE YOUR COMPUTER. One of my favorite (and most popular) Homepolish projects of all time is a beach house I designed for a client a few years ago. It’s a minimal, bright space in Venice, California and the best feature is the views of the ocean you can see from many rooms in the house. When…

In The Studio: Goula Figuera

Dear Design Diary, I’m not exactly sure how I came across the sublime work of Goula/Figuera. Maybe it was Instagram. Maybe it was somewhere online. But I remember immediately losing my mind over it. The Barcelona-based team of Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera are doing something that I think is unprecendented and unparalleled in today’s world of lighting. They’re making works of art that have a functional illuminating purpose. Their pieces are playful and sophisticated at once and it’s impossible for me to look at them without thinking of one of my favorite artists, Joan Miró. Their work isn’t derivative,…

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Studio Tour: The Ethereal Paintings of Beth Winterburn

Dear People With Naked Walls, I was wandering around a big box store yesterday, eyeing all the new stuff they have, really enjoying myself, when I came across something that irked me a little bit. Giant, gross photographic prints stretched onto canvases and sold as filler art. You see this type of filler art everywhere, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. There are definitely great online resources for beautiful reproductions by real artists (Minted Art is one of my favorites). But there’s also a lot of junk out there. So when I saw these nasty fake art reproductions yesterday all…

This Week At Homepolish

A Posh Bachelorette Pad in DC

Photography Courtesy Homepolish Dear Homepolishers, Each week (for the most part, unless I’m traveling, which has been a lot lately I’M SORRY OK?) I sift through the amazing projects Homepolish completes in cities across the U.S. and highlight some of my favorites. This week’s pics are filled with gems, from beautiful cozy Hollywood homes to exciting New York start up offices. So follow along with me as I show you what’s up at Homepolish!

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Dream Come True: New Hommemaker Editor is an Insanely Talented Ceramist!

Photography by Jess Diab Dear Working Momz, Between shuttling the kids I don’t have to nonexistent soccer practice, preparing an imagined dinner for the husband I don’t have, and balancing all that all with the actual job I actually have, I’ve been spread a little too thin to work as much on this site as I’d like. One of my favorite things about Homepolish is how engaging and exciting my job is. But the problem with something being engaging and exciting is that it doesn’t leave you much time to do other stuff. This is why I came to the…

This Week At Homepolish

Dear Reader, I kinda feel like the apocalypse has arrived. Over the weekend I went camping with some friends. We awoke in the morning to beautiful flakes falling from the sky. It was magical, but also terrifying. The flakes were ashes from a nearby wildfire. Since the air was thick with smoke and we couldn’t breathe, we hightailed it out of there and headed back to Los Angeles. In a non-shocking turn of events the skies above Los Angeles were orange and filled with wildfire pollutants. The smoke from the fire (in the Angeles Forest, where we had been camping)…

What’s Up at Homepolish

A Colorful Home Office for YouTube’s Joey Graceffa

Dear Design Diary, It seems sometimes like the internet is a never-ending hole of content. People are posting links on Facebook that come from sites I’ve never heard of. Like political stories that seem important but come from sites with names like rawstory.com (is that a legit site? How would I know? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ACTUAL EDITORIAL INTEGRITY?). Even sites like the New York times are using clickbait titles for their articles. EVERYONE HAS LOST THEIR MINDS. If finding pertinent political information is this hard, finding quality design content can be equally challenging. This is why I’ve decided to start…

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A Personal Art Moment in My Master Bedroom

Photographs by Orlando Soria Dear Diary, For some reason last night, I started thinking about my first apartment in LA. So I did some self-googling and found an old picture of it on this blog: I moved into that place in 2007. What I love about looking at this picture is how creative and thrifty everything is. At this point in my life I had literally zero dollars. Everything in in the photograph is either a hand-me-down, handmade, or from Ikea. But I took pride in that space and I think it was really cozy and happy and homey. One of…