The Modern Furniture I Need for Fall

Dear The End of Summer, Even though it hasn’t rained in LA since 2007, it’s been cloudy and romantic here all week. Most people would find this depressing. For me, it’s the greatest blessing I could ever hope for. Since I live in a land that hasn’t had weather in years, where it feels like we’ve been living on the edge of apocalypse as long as I can remember, I love anything even remotely resembling atmospheric drama. What’s so great about cold, rainy weather, you ask? Well mostly I like it because it forces you to stay indoors. And what’s…

This Week At Homepolish

A Posh Bachelorette Pad in DC

Photography Courtesy Homepolish Dear Homepolishers, Each week (for the most part, unless I’m traveling, which has been a lot lately I’M SORRY OK?) I sift through the amazing projects Homepolish completes in cities across the U.S. and highlight some of my favorites. This week’s pics are filled with gems, from beautiful cozy Hollywood homes to exciting New York start up offices. So follow along with me as I show you what’s up at Homepolish!

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A Personal Art Moment in My Master Bedroom

Photographs by Orlando Soria Dear Diary, For some reason last night, I started thinking about my first apartment in LA. So I did some self-googling andĀ found an old picture of it on this blog: I moved into that place in 2007. What I love about looking at this picture is how creative and thrifty everything is. At this point in my life I had literally zero dollars. Everything in in the photograph is either a hand-me-down, handmade, or from Ikea. But I took pride in that space and I think it was really cozy and happy and homey. One of…

My Week in Instagramz

Oh Weeks, How you doth escape me! I began this week with a crazy-sexy-uncool feverthing that made me lay in bed all day long hallucinating that I was starving to death and then exclaiming at how soft the sheets felt against my starving, quivering feet. And then all the sudden the next day I was totally okay and it was way awesome. I don’t know what it was, probably food poisoning or something random, but it definitely felt like death. But it’s been a while since I’ve been that kind of sick. Like the kind of sick where you’re too…

My Favorite Store in Brooklyn: Fresh Kills

Dear Brooklyn, I have often quipped that if I ever move back to New York I’d move to Brooklyn. Mostly because it seems a lot calmer and less yappy than Manhattan. And then I found out that my favorite store in the world is in Williamsburg, so now I pretty much have to move there. Fresh Kills has a lot of really beautiful regency and mid-century furniture. It’s kind of like a museum filled with rare, gorgeous pieces. Below are my ten favorite finds from Fresh Kills: Brass Fireplace Tools, $750 I don’t have a fireplace but I want these….