A Personal Art Moment in My Master Bedroom

Photographs by Orlando Soria Dear Diary, For some reason last night, I started thinking about my first apartment in LA. So I did some self-googling andĀ found an old picture of it on this blog: I moved into that place in 2007. What I love about looking at this picture is how creative and thrifty everything is. At this point in my life I had literally zero dollars. Everything in in the photograph is either a hand-me-down, handmade, or from Ikea. But I took pride in that space and I think it was really cozy and happy and homey. One of…

Whut Glamour: The Dual Worlds of Matin Zad

Dear Tappan Collective, I love your site which features affordable art by emerging artists. I was especially taken with the work of Matin Zad, a New York fashion photographer whose work is just captivating. He’s done some great collaborations with brands I love (Levi’s, etc). His original works are also lovely. Just quiet and simple and evocative. Basically what my dreams look like. The world he creates has an interesting duality to it. It’s a combination of beauty/elegance/glamour with awkward/uncomfortable/weird. The combination works, making it hard to look away from these images. You can see more of Matin’s work on…

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What Glamour: Jeremy Maz’s Kaleidescope Series

Dear Travel Diary, I’ve been running all over New York, working at the Homepolish HQ and looking at art (check out my Insta). Once I start looking at art I can’t stop, so here’s an LA artist who has been on my radar for a while. He’s a photogrpher, and I love his Kaleidescope series. See below: He also works with video, and created this piece to accompany the above images: You can view more of his work on his website, JeremyMaz.com. Love, Orlando

Whatever You Did in Palm Springs Last Weekend Robert Smith & His Friends Did It Better

Dear Robert Smith, I saw the above image on my friend Jeffery’s Facebook and I just had to see more. Apparently you shot an awesome series of masked portraits in Palm Springs a few weeks back and I’m just loving the results. I’m not going to blabber too much about these images, I think they speak for themselves, but I’m glad you made them. Enjoy! Thanks! Love, Orlando PS: A mini artist’s statement, from Robert Smith “My interest in shooting masked portraits began after a weekend marathon of watching the 90’s TV show Twin Peaks. That crazy town is filled…

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The Glamourphotography of Sean Gin

Dear World, This is Sean Gin. I found him when I put out a call for an intern. Much to my surprise, he turned out not to be a crazy psychopath like everyone else on the internet. The only thing crazy about him is his talent. Like me, he studied art at a fancy, pushy, competitive university and, like me, he has perfect taste in everything all the time. He is a very talented photographer I fell in love with his series of square format photographs of California. They take a strangely removed, alienated view of California that is still…