Restoring a Rain-Destroyed Dresser in Three Easy Steps Without Exerting Any Effort at All

Photos by Sean Gin  Dear Diary, I had a wonderful trip to New York a few weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of it, New York is a large metropolitan American city where residents are known to complain about winter for six months out of the year and then flee the city for the entire summer to go to the Hamptons or Fire Island. Anyway, while I was in New York there was a monumental rainstorm in Los Angeles which I named “Rainmageddon.” Rain is a  big deal in Los Angeles. Like as soon as it starts raining cats start…

Fashion Felicitations From My Father’s Closet: 70s Bird Shirt

Photographs by Sean Gin Dear Fashion Diary, One of the most exciting pieces of clothing I’ve taken from my father’s closet is this ridiculously awesome bird shirt my mom made for him when they were in their twenties. Shown are my parents, my father in the glamourshirt: It’s not something that you’d wear to, like, a job interview or anywhere fancy. But every once in a while, when you want to wear something luxuriously 70z, it’s great to put on. I love that it looks like a gorgeous Japanese watercolor painting. I remember in high school, like freshman year, all…

Style Tips From The Desk of Kelly Oxford

Photo via Domaine Dear Reader, Do you ever fantasize about trapping Kelly Oxford in a human-size birdcage so you can force her to talk to you and be your friend? Me too. That has nothing to do with the piece I wrote for Refinery29, but make sure you read it anyway. Some good tips on how to make your office as cozy and comfortable as the cage I designed for Kelly. I mean office. Whatever. Go read! Love, Orlando LINK: Kelly Oxford Office Decor Ideas on Refinery29

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Fashion Felicitations from my Father’s Closet

Photographs by Sean Gin  Dear My Father’s Closet, Thanks for always providing me with some fun when I can’t afford to go shopping. I can always count on finding something cool in you. My dad has always been a stylish man, mostly classic American brands like Levi’s, Pendleton, and 80s Ralph Lauren. Also those brands that we all used to be totally embarrassed by until we grew up and realized how classic and comforting they are (Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, etc). My dad’s style has been a big inspiration to me. So I’m starting a new mini-series about clothing items I…

Designing an Office for the Funniest Lady On Earth

PHOTO CREDITS: DOMAINE HOME (PORTRAIT), BETHANY NUART (ALL OTHERS) Dear Diary, You know, we’re a few weeks into 2014 and I must say it’s just awesome. You know how sometimes your life just sucks? Like you get dumped and your job situation is lame and you’re like freaked out about money and everything is just totally gross and annoying and stupid? Well that’s pretty much how 2013 was, until about November, when I met Kelly Oxford and started working on her office. Coincidence? I think not. Working with Kelly made life way more fun. That and my new kick ass…

My Favorite Store in Brooklyn: Fresh Kills

Dear Brooklyn, I have often quipped that if I ever move back to New York I’d move to Brooklyn. Mostly because it seems a lot calmer and less yappy than Manhattan. And then I found out that my favorite store in the world is in Williamsburg, so now I pretty much have to move there. Fresh Kills has a lot of really beautiful regency and mid-century furniture. It’s kind of like a museum filled with rare, gorgeous pieces. Below are my ten favorite finds from Fresh Kills: Brass Fireplace Tools, $750 I don’t have a fireplace but I want these….